Grapefruit League on the horizon.

Grapefruit League games will begin on Wednesday, and it looks like Mike Hampton will get the first start. He’ll take the mound against the Nationals at Osceola County Stadium, beginning at 1:05 p.m. ET. Because it’s only the first game, Hampton probably won’t pitch more than one, or maybe two, innings.

Roy Oswalt will start the second game next Thursday at the Braves. That probably will be the only start he makes before departing for Clearwater on March 2 to join his Team USA teammates as they gear up for the World Baseball Classic. Depending on how far their teams get in the tournament, Oswalt, Carlos Lee [Panama] and Miguel Tejada [Dominican Repubic] could be away from Astros camp for three weeks.

Today is photo day, an annual rite of passage that involves players walking from station to station and posing for various outlets, including baseball card companies and wire services. Players don’t particularly love this day, because it means arriving to the ballpark before 7:30 a.m. The good thing is they get everything done at once and don’t have to do this again, until next year.

More later on Toby Hall’s MRI results and other news and notes from spring camp.



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Alyson, what can you tell us about Max Sapp’s recovery from viral meningitis? Hopefully, he’s starting to regain his strength. Whether or not he ever plays baseball again is irrelevant; he’s lucky to be alive. Just wondering what the latest is on his condition?

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