Quiet day in Kissimmee. Wandy improving.

Today was what we at MLB.com refer to as a”shorty” day. In a nutshell, this means that when the team is on an especially long road trip, the beat reporter, in this case, me, stays back and covers the workout at the home complex instead of covering the game. Since about half of the players go to each road game and half stay home, I’m usually guaranteed to be able to find something to write about from the morning workouts at the home park.

This morning I ran into Wandy Rodriguez, who said he threw six minutes on flat ground without any pain. This is good news, considering he’s slated to miss two starts with a strained muscle on his left side. Wandy is pretty confident he’ll throw a bullpen sometime in the near future, and he’s not even convinced he’ll need to miss more than one start. We’ll see.Doug Brocail probably won’t make more than five or six appearances all spring, which is fine with him. It’s unlikely he’ll be overused during the regular season like he was the first four months of last year, before LaTroy Hawkins arrived, but still, Brocail is preparing to be plenty busy. At 41 years old and entering his 15th Major League season, he knows how to get ready for the season, so it’s probably a good idea that he’s scaling back on the workload this spring.

The last time I posted pictures on this blog it was well-received, so here’s some more shots that I took from the workout this morning. Enjoy. I’m taking the next two days off (thankfully) so I’ll catch up with you on Friday.

Here we have Berkman and Boone doing sprints.



And Geoff Blum doing much of the same:


Kaz Matsui taking BP


Chris Sampson, throwing a bullpen session:


Doug Brocail and Russ Ortiz, during PFP (Pitchers Fielding Practice):



Scrunchie, you freaking rule. Glad I found your blog. You sounded good on the air today. Keep it up.


So Alyson’s taking a couple of days off… here’s a question for the rest of you fans out there who follow her blog:

According to the MLBlogs Leaders List, Alyson’s Footnotes is in 19th place among the pro blogs. Not sure how the list is scored – frequency of postings? length? quality? (do you know Roundrock15?) Anyway, I’d guess that hits and comments add to the score…? Don’t know about you guys, but I think Alyson belongs higher – let’s do our part.🙂

Susan, you should advertise YOUR blog. I just started mine, and I’m wandering around aimlessly in my own little blog world. I managed to get a pic up, write a bio, and post a couple of entries. I posted one entry about looking for a hotel in Kissimmee. Someone recommended that I visit this blog and ask Alyson, which I thought would have been helpful, but I did that already. From what I’m seeing, by looking at mapquest, etc., there isn’t much when it comes to accommodations in Kissimmee. I am staying at the Hyatt near the Orlando airport. -Austin

I didn?t know only half of the team travels at a time?good little info.
Have you heard anything from Cooper about Ortiz strong performance so far?

Thanks Ms. Footer
Good job on the blog by the way.

I’ve never been to Kissimmee/St. Cloud, but I was of the understanding that there were tons and tons of hotels. Then again, I’m wrong frequently.

AFIE, I don’t know how the Latest Leaders is done. I was shocked and puzzled to find my own blog on the list. I’d assume links, comments, readers, etc. all go into it. I’m also pretty sure, however, that the list doesn’t matter that much. I mean, I get as much enjoyment out of Alyson’s blog whether it’s ninth, nineteenth, or ninety-third.

Enjoy the time off, Alyson. It’s rainy here in Los Angeles; hope you’ve got better weather out in your neck of the woods.


I’m really enjoying the blog. It’s a nice, informal feel to keeping up on the Houston 9. I’ve started one of my own, as well.


Berkman doing sprints and there’s a picture of him walking. Somehow, it fits ha ha. Thanks for the pictures as always.

Oh my gosh – there are a GAZILLION hotels, motels, resorts, “resorts,” townhouses, condos, etc. in Kissimmee!!! Not in the town itself, which is pretty small, but in the greater area referred to as Kissimmee. There are more hotels/motels per square acre there than just about anywhere in the country! Why? Because it’s where the people who go to Disney stay!
There are end-to-end row of places to stay of all types and price ranges, from scuzzy to swank, most on or adjacent to US Hwy 192, AKA Irlo W. Bronson Memorial Highway (after former congressman Irlo W. Bronson). The higher the numbers get on Irlo Bronson, the closer you are to Disney – and the farther you are from Osceola County Stadium. (The prices kind of go along that line too.)
I’ll try write up an entry on places to stay and interesting ways to save money and post it on my Astros Fan in Exile blog when I get home from work tonight. (Just Google, you’ll find it.)

Okay, for people who are going to Astros Spring Training for the first time (or just thinking about it), tonight I did a brain dump on how to get there, rent a car, buy tickets, get a hotel, etc. All from a fan point of view. It’s not Kissimmee on $5 a Day, but I’m relatively frugal. It’s on my Astros Fan in Exile blog (just Google it). I’d love to get comments there from other folks who go to Spring Training. I’m going March 18-24. CAN’T WAIT!!!!

I don’t think I mentioned that I wanted to stay close to the stadium, and this is where I encountered problems. There were no swanky hotels nearby that I could see. Plenty of Days Inn, Ramada, Stadium Inn & Suites, but that wasn’t the style I was looking for. Thanks for the responses. http://stonebutch99.mlblogs.com/

Sort of a random question, but why and how is Bruce Chen on the Panama team?

In the first photo you mention that Berkman and Boone are doing sprints. Are you sure of that? It appears to me that they are likely walking around looking for a lost golf ball. :o)
James A

Bruce Chen is Panamanian; I’m not sure why he shouldn’t pitch for Panama…


If you are interesting in staying near the Astros park, try the Clarion Resort and Waterpark. It is only about 6 minutes from the field and has a great outside waterpark for you and the family to enjoy. Rates are great and the people that work there are awesome. You can find it in any web search.

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