Brother, can you spare a win?

We walked into Coop’s office after today’s game and his first words were “Ditto. That’s all you need to write. Ditto.”

In other words, the pitching, hitting and defense of your Houston Astros left a whole to be desired, again

The Astros have not won, at least in terms of games that count in the exhibition standings, since Feb. 25.

I’m out of things to ramble on about and my eyes hurt after watching today’s game. So I’ll you take over — is anyone out there worried?


Is Coop thinking of taking starting lineup guys to Viera tomorrow night? These road blowouts must be getting a bit demoralizing… Seems like we haven’t seen much of Berkman et al recently. Hopefully Lee and Tejada will be back soon.
Keep thinking that the Phillies were one of the worst teams at Spring Training last year…
I wonder what the record is for the most walked-in runs at Spring Training is?

At the beginning of ST you quoted Cecil Cooper saying he was going to be calm and relaxed this season. It sure doesn’t sound like he remembers that. He made several panic moves last season and appears to be gearing up for more of the same. The team is missing Lee, Tejada, and Oswalt. Berkman is only half there. This Spring Training is extra long because of the WBC, they have a chance to get hot, cold, then hot, and maybe cold again. The lineup is pretty much set, he has his relievers from last season, all he has to do is decide on a catcher, (Quintero, Palmsiano, done) a backup shortstop, and a 5th pitcher. Everybody, including Cooper, needs to relax.

You know, I was watching ’30 Clubs in 30 Days’ for the Reds, and one of them actually sees the Astros finishing in second place! I haven’t been keeping up with the Spring Training games for the Astros, but as long as your regular starters are doing well, I don’t worry too much. I learned my lesson lol.

Nice to see a female beat writer seeing that’s what I want to do myself. You serve as an inspiration for me.


Are you really surprised? You don’t have to answer. We have a mediocre team and that is the way it is. I understand the economics to why we had to let some players go and not sign others. It is what it is. But with our pitching, to believe we have an honest shot is a far fetched dream.

What does pitching have to do with it? It’s the mentality of the team. Without pitching there is little hope and I think we’re already seeing the effects of what a lack of confidence will do the the pyche of our team.

I believe in miracles and catching lightning in the bottle and the only way we will have a chance this year is just that; IT WILL TAKE A MIRACLE.

I’ll watch every game on TV and go to a few but the truth is wins will probably be at a premium this year.

I’m thinking I’d be alot less worried if the Astros would go after Pudge Rodriguez and Pedro Martinez before their price goes up any more in the WBC. Maybe Ponson too.

I said it on RJ’s blog and I’ll say it here: I’d rather finish sixth with a bunch of kids than fourth with a bunch of lousy veterans that won’t be around in two years.

You know, I’m trying hard not to be worried. I tell myself all the same old stuff — Hawkins, Lee, Tejada, and Oswalt are gone, playing in the WBC. It’s March 8 and there’s almost a month of Spring Training left. We’re getting good looks at young guys. Two of the bottom 3 teams in the Grapefruit League last year – the Dodgers and Phillies – played each other in the NLCS. Blah, blah, blah.

To put too much stock into early ST results, you’d have to believe that the Pirates are better than the Rays, Yankes, Phillies, Red Sox, and Mets.

But the truth is that pitching was a huge question mark, and it remains a huge question mark. It seems we don’t have a game where we don’t give up a crooked number. I’m trying to convince myself, but all this losing really does get tiresome. They’re not answering the glaring questions we had, and yes. I have to admit, I’m beginning to get a little nervous.

I’m concerned about the lack of quality depth we seem to have at pretty much every position. You look at the lineup they put together today and with a few exceptions, it’s not even a good AAA club you got there.

Not worried? Are you kidding me? The only thing worse than having no pitching is having no hitting! The Astros have played 10 games so far this Spring Training and rank 30th of the 30 teams in MLB, hitting only .222 as a team! When your pitchers can’t get anyone out, and you can’t score runs, how do you sell any tickets? Drayton and Ed are counting on the fact that there is nothing else to do in Houston than go to a game and get out of the heat. I surely hope Drayton doesn’t decide to turn off the AC to save more money!

Wins in spring are overrated😉

Red Sox Ramblings:

Just look at the in game box scores. Most of the Astros pitchers have “astro”-nomical ERA’s, and the batting averages are either .100 or less, compared to the average looking numbers on the other team. I am worried. But I guess like I heard someone say the other day, its better for them to start out slow and gain strength, than start strong and fizzle out.


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