Tough day in Kissimmeee.


When the majority of the team walked into the press conference room on Wednesday, I knew it was something awful, and then when I saw Aaron Boone sit at the desk in the front of the room with Ed Wade and Cecil Cooper, I felt absolutely sick.

Boone has a heart condition that he’s been dealing with for about 15 years, but after undergoing a routine physical at the beginning of Spring Training with locally-based team physician Dr. Mike Link, it became apparent Boone’s condition had become more dire.

Boone will, in the very near future, schedule surgery to have his aortic heart valve replaced. He is upbeat about this and seems to be handling it well, but this is scary — for Boone, his family, his teammates, and pretty much anyone and everyone who knows him.

Boone’s one of those guys whom everyone likes. He’s funny, easy-going and people seem to just gravitate toward him. Here’s hoping he makes a full recovery and is back on a baseball field sometime down the road. Even more importantly, here’s hoping he makes a full recovery and lives a long and happy life.

To me, he’ll always been Aaron Boooooooone.


good luck to him and his family.

alyson take some deep breaths, you seem a little stressed by it (understandably)

This really helps put things in perspective. I have read many angry comments on other sites about why they built this announcement up.

This is important! This will affect Boone’s life and family for the rest of his life. This is life, baseball is a game!

Our prayers go out to the Boone’s and their family. Thanks for being a part of the Astro’s this spring!

I’m happy that Boone is taking the necessary steps to correct his heart condition. Something like this should not be left to fester for long. My best wishes to a great player and maybe a return.

That said, bring on Mr. Johnson. This kid performed well in spring training and should get a chance to educate himself by Blum…

Thoughts and prayers are with Boone and hoping surgery is a success.
Not trying to sad terrible here after all it is a baseball blog but what does this mean for the lineup? I assume Johnson is a lock for the team. Does it mean Jason Smith is a lock as well?
Smith can play 2B,SS,and 3B which is huge considering the offensive struggles at 2B and 3B currently. Also Tejada will need days off.
Here’s hoping Smith is ready for his bust out season.
Good Luck Boone

My prayers go out to Aaron Boone and his family, as well as his friends, teammates, and everyone who knows him. I can’t imagine what they are all going through right now.

I hate to be one of those people who complains about something that is considerably insignificant in a time like this, but I definitely understand the fans’ frustrations with the way the Astros handled this. I understand they had the press conference so Aaron himself could talk, explain the situation, and maybe answer some questions. What I don’t understand is why on earth they would announce this important press conference a day before. I see no other reason than to drum up speculation and build a buzz around the whole thing. They had to have known fans and press would assume it would be about a deal they made. Why not gather the press this morning to make the announcement? I just don’t understand why they would release that statement the day before. And in the statement they released, they only said it wasn’t about Pudge, they didn’t say it wasn’t about any deal or trade, or firing/hiring (until Drayton told Jose Ortiz). They had everyone talking about what it could be about, who we signed, who they were hiring/firing, and all along it was a very serious health issue about one of our players. The way they handled this really pisses me off, and I don’t see any reason for what they did except for publicity.

BTW, Alyson, I’m only posting this to say my opinion, I know you’re still dealing with the news, and I don’t expect you to respond or really even care what we all think of how the organization dealt with it. And again, it really doesn’t matter right now. My heart goes out to you and everyone else who knows and loves him.

Well, that wouldn’t have topped my list on what the mystery was, but it makes sense. When people start talking about heart surgery, there are a lot of variables and a lot of different things that the term could mean. Some are automatic concerns, some are complicated procedures that aren’t really overly dangerous. The difference frequently is whether or not they can use arthroscopic tools or not for minimal invasion, and whether or not they have to interrupt the heart itself to accomplish the procedure. And making sense of these variables when someone just said ‘heart surgery’ is easier said than done.
All that said, Aaron’s probably going to have to be ‘cracked’ and put on life support, which is the scary kind. And requires a bunch of after-care. And needs particular vigilance against post-op infection. And needs follow-up on the body accepting the replacement valve, artificial or otherwise.
ktex, it IS a big deal. Don’t like it, too bad. It affects the entire team. I think it’s pretty damn cool that the whole team is ready to support (which includes a damn lot of communication from and with the front office and business side of the organization – billing and insurance on this one will be a beast) and was willing to show it by putting baseball on hold for a few minutes.
Hope we’ll be seeing Aaron fighting for his job next year this time.

Alyson – I’m apalled at those bashing you over the whole Pudge situation, and likewise saddened by Aaron Boone’s news this morning. Thank you for reporting on this. You do a fantastic job, and I only ask that you keep it up.

The fact that they did make it such a big deal (and it is, of course), but given that Boone is brand new to the team and the fact that most of the team was there with him, I think, is a credit to how great of a guy he must be. Props to the Astros for making this a big deal.

One thing about the Internet age, we all seem to so easily get worked up into a frenzy. It doesn’t mean that the Astros need to accommodate the frenzy by explaining the announcement before the announcement. Isn’t the purpose of scheduling a press conference beforehand needed to get folks to show up?

As for the baseball side of things, I too wonder what this might mean for our infield prospects.

Thoughts and prayers with Aaron and his family.

Yeah I feel for Boone and his family, I lost an aunt to a similar sugery back in the 80’s but she also had been putting it off for a while and the next hing you know it was too late. Doesn’t sound like the case here though.

Hey ktex, I think this is pretty much standard operating procedure for any team, besides they can’t control the time of when this happens and they have to announce the press conference otherwise no one shows up. I think this is just one of those things that because we are living in the instant information age, the anouncement of a press conference built up its own momentum. Thats only because of all the other things going on. I don’t think they intentionally tried to dupe us just for the sake of creating a buzz. Just my take on it.

This is horrible news. Growing up in Southwestern Ohio, the Boones are like baseball royalty to me. Between Max Sapp and now Aaron Boone, this has largely been an offseason to forget.

GiJoe, who said it wasn’t a big deal? I know I said nothing of the sort. In fact, I said quite the opposite. I said I didn’t like the way the Astros dealt with it because it was such a serious issue. If the Astros had said yesterday that the press conference was not in regards to any deal, trade, or hiring/firing, then people wouldn’t have spent all night speculating that we signed someone like Pedro Martinez or that Cooper was being fired. I’m upset that they simply announced an important press conference, leading fans to discuss all kinds of frivolous possibilities, when in reality someone’s health was and still is in jeopardy. I understand that a press conference had to be announced, but I would have preferred for them to have included that it was not about ANY transaction or deal, rather than just saying it wasn’t about Pudge Rodriguez.
Again, my prayers go out to Aaron Boone and his family and friends in this difficult time.

Bklewis, I just don’t understand why they couldn’t have told us to begin with that it wasn’t about any deal or signing. They have to know that by saying it’s an important press conference, but it isn’t about Pudge Rodriguez, people will assume it’s about some other deal. But you’re right, all things considered, I don’t think they did it intentionally. I was just upset that it was something so serious, after thinking through all of these trivial possibilities. They have no control over any excitement or momentum that builds, but I do think they could have prevented quite a bit of it had they told us it wasn’t about a transaction.

My brother and sister both have undergone aeortic valve replacement for the bicuspid disorder. Ther surgeries were performed at Cedar Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, one of the nation’s leading heart centers. One of the related affects of a bicusbid aeortic valve is an anyuerism in the descending aeorta. It is often overlooked on EKG and echo cardio-grams. My brother and sister both had the anyuerism. Their physcian, Dr. Raissi, is one of the pioneers in the surgery for this defect. I believe that Aaron lives in Southern California. I would appreciate if you shared this information with him. He can contact me at

How much of Boone’s contract is Houston obligated for? Is he on the DL list, or off the roster?

Aaron will be paid the full amount of his contract, which is $750,000.

High hopes and prayers out to Aaron and family.
From baseball point why would they sign a guy with this known problem? Brilliant front office.

He’s known it since college. The Reds, Yankees, Indians, Marlins, and Nationals also all signed him with his known heart problem. It hasn’t hindered him as a player; he knew he’d eventually have to have surgery, but it could still have been decades down the road.

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