Wow, what a finish. Roy is fired up.

How about that ending to last night’s U.S.A.- Puerto Rico matchup? I spoke with Roy Oswalt briefly after the game, and I’ve not heard that kind of excitement in his voice in a long, long time. It reminded me of how much he burns to win, how much it drives him, and the same can be said about most of the Major League players you watch day in and day out. Hearing Oswalt talk about how much fun he was having reminded me how much fun he had back in 2004 and 2005 when the Astros pushed their way through the postseason, and how much fun everyone had back then.

Winning is the only thing that matters in this game, and watching the highlights of last night’s game was a tremendous reminder of why players play and why fans watch. You can say the World Baseball Classic in only an exhibition, but after watching the U.S.A. team’s wild celebration after that finish, I think most of us agree this tournament very much matters.

So the question at batting practice yesterday was, who do the Astros want back in Spring Training more? Oswalt or Pudge Rodriguez? The overwhelming sentiment was Rodriguez, considering he has a brand new pitching staff to get to know. I would expect the process to move quickly from here and it wouldn’t surprise me if Pudge was in uniform no later than Friday.

Talked with Steve Phillips — the Mark Mulder thing was a simple mistake in his column about Pudge in He meant Brian Moehler. Mulder is not an Astro.


What? I’m interested in the WBC? Yes, I’m diggin’ it. I tuned in around the bottom of the 8th, and that worked out great. The USA team was JACKED UP! It was fun to watch.

I’m ashamed of the lack of support for team USA. It’s unreasonable in the current economy to expect folks to fly to attend these games, but that’s no excuse for the locals not to attend. If the games were here in Houston, I’d be there. And WOW! What a finish last night! I hope that will spark more fan interest.
The wait is killing me. Can we start this press conference already???

Oh yeah – and simple mistake – Brian Moehler – Mark Mulder. Sure. I can see it. No, really. *insert confused look here*

I?m glad the US won because that means Pudge will have two weeks to make acquaintance with our pitching staff, teach a thing or two to Quintero, and get ready for the regular season (if he does sign with the Astros since it is my understanding that it is not the case yet).
By the way, I don?t care how bad the Pudge episode looks for you; I still appreciate your insights and analysis of the team. I understand that up until the very last moment the Astros were not interested in Pudge, and that it is what you had to relay to the fans. Ain?t no need to sweat over it😉

The Astros are hitting .211 as a team and have only scored 51 runs in 18 Spring Training games! Ask Coop if Spring Training matters!

i was pumped when they won, aside from the fact that it was an exciting come back or meltdown from their pitchers

Alyson, next time you talk to Phillips please teach him the proper pronunciation of Willy Taveras’s surname. It is not TAVAREZ. Willy T has been in baseball long enough for commentators at the WWL to get his name right. He deserves that much at least.

Yeah I agree with will70, they can at least get his name right, its not like he is a rookie anymore.

Hopefully I can get a little sympathy from the people here, I went to a friends house to watch the WBC and he recorded it on the dvr because we hate watching commercials and he forgot to record extra time. So we watch right up until the 8th inning and the recording ends. Then when we caught the highlights later on I couldn’t believe it, only the most dramatic comeback in the whole stinking WBC. I nearly strangled him.

ive been neck deep in the WBC. been a lot fo good games, and last night’s was no exception. i had my rally cap on in the bottom of the 9th. nice to know it works even at home.

I’m just glad that the tickets I bought months ago for the semi-finals and finals won’t be a waste. I mean, not that I would have really minded watching Guadalajara play Zimbabwe, but now I could potentially be there when the USA wins it all….

Hey Roundrock 15…..I just can’t seem to get you to talk to me anymore! LOL! Hey! Just thinking! If you have a spare ticket or two up there in San Diego for the USA finals, how about hooking me and my girl up? I would finally get to meet ya! It seems like when I turned down your Lancaster single A offer, ya quit talking to me! LOL!

Hey Roundrock15….my brother…take me with you to San Diego! I’ll go with ya!

I think many of us find ourselves more invested in the WBC this time around!



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