LaTroy returns bearing gifts…sort of.

Brian Moehler has had no lingering effects from the line drive that crashed into his shoulder the other day, and he fully expects to make his next start. Other than a slight bruise, it appears Moehler got lucky with this one, especially since it was originally headed for his jaw. He’ll throw a side on Friday and will pitch Sunday.


Cecil Cooper doesn’t know how the starting rotation will line up after Roy Oswalt — or, I should say, if he does know, he’s not telling us.

But the news that Wandy Rodriguez will start Saturday, one day early, suggests he could get the ball for the second game against the Cubs on April 7.

“Roy Oswalt is pitching April 6 and this is not big news,” Cooper said. “After that, we’re trying to figure it out. We have an idea, but I ain’t saying.”


Asked if Brian Bogusevic could be a backup option if Michael Bourn struggles, Cooper offered up two other options instead.

“We have two guys who we’re counting on to play the corners and some center field and come off the bench — [Darin] Erstad and [Jason] Michaels. And we’ll have to look there before we go in another direction.”


LaTroy Hawkins watched with amusement as Reggie Abercrombie and Brandon Backe tore into the bag full of World Baseball Classic goodies he brought back from his country-wide excursion with Team U.S.A. The two looked like five-year-olds on Christmas as they tried on hats of all sizes and logos, from USA to Korea to Japan and the Dominican Republic.

“How do I look?” asked one. “This one’s cool,” said the other.

“I don’t know why they’re so excited,” Hawkins quipped. “I’m giving all this stuff to my kids.”


Haven’t had a lot of time to take pictures…here are a few from this week’s presidential visit:

President Bush spent most of his clubhouse signing autographs. Here we have Tim Byrdak on the left, Chris Sampson on the right.



Russ Ortiz wasn’t sure what all the commotion was about as he emerged from the training room, until he got a closer look. 


And here’s a couple of Biggio, during his visit to Kissimmee last weekend:






Alyson……did Tim Byrdak have lasik surgery on his eyes?
I noticed he’s not wearing his “googles” when he pitches.
Very good game today! I loved Bourn’s “almost” in the park homerun!! Thanks for the pics! We love them!! Becky:)

Wow, I’ve never seen Byrdak without hat n glasses/goggles. Never woulda recognized him if you hadn’t said it.

i’m famous! in the first photo of biggio signing i’m the cute girl holding two balls that he’s reaching for. i love spring training and getting up close to my astros. this was my second year and i will be back next year!

I sure hope Tim Byrdak didn’t have LASIK! I’ll miss his goggles.. My kids and I love to watch him.. he reminds of ‘wild thing’ (charlie sheen)😀

That story about Backe is exactly what I would have expected to hear. He’s just an over grown kid!

Also: Alyson, I know Pudge has said he is switching to #12 for the season, but has there been anything said of him keeping the #14 considering the success the team is having since he joined?

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