Norris, Towles cut.

The Astros made two roster moves Friday morning, sending right-hander Bud Norris and catcher J.R. Towles to Minor League camp.

Norris will join the Round Rock rotation, but he will be the first pitcher considered if a need arises in either the rotation or the bullpen in Houston.

Towles was edged out when the club signed Pudge Rodriguez, which moved Humberto Quintero to a backup role.

More on this later.



This is probably the best move for both. Norris needs to get that 3rd pitch down and JR really needs to continue adjusting to a higher level of pitching.

How are things looking for Russ Ortiz over there? I have always been a fan of his and I hope it’s going good for him.

~ King of Cali

“More in this later”

I realize ‘more’ and ‘later’ are both relative terms, Alyson, but you sure like to leave us hanging, girl!

Seriously, my question at this point is ‘what are the chances Edwin Maysonet gets a shot at making the opening day roster as back-up SS and the RH half of a 3rd-base’ platoon? Eddie’s bat has heated up, while Chris Johnson’s has cooled way down. Sir Isaac Newhan is batting well under .200, and J. Smith bungles defense so bad that he makes Maxwell Smart look coordinated. From where I sit, Eddie’s chances are looking better and better every day.

Ha, thanks Mr. Bill. I was just on the radio confessing I had hit that proverbial wall, and needless to say I could use a proofreader or two as I near the Florida finish line.

Maysonet won’t be considered for the third base job, but he’s got a good chance to win the backup SS/2B job. It’s between him and Jason Smith and this one will probably go down to the wire. I like Edwin’s defense, a lot. I like Smith’s bat a little better. I think they’re more concerned about getting defense from that spot, so Maysonet may have the edge (this is purely speculation, no one has said who may be leading in that race).

Cali, unless Ortiz completely blows up or gets hurt between now and April 6, he’s on the team.

My big question is this: When they say Norris is top of the list for the callup, are they placing him over Capellan? As well as he has pitched and as much as I think he deserves the spot in the rotation, Ortiz will get it, and he will be in the minors as well. Also, what about Backe? when he comes off the DL, what does his future hold?

How long do you think that Towles will continue to occupy space on the 40-man roster?

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