Oswalt returns.

Roy Oswalt finished up his 97-pitch outing against the Phillies on Friday and said, “I feel like I started the season backward.”

That’s understandable, considering less than a week ago he was pitching in a playoff atmosphere and now, he’s back in the laid-back atmosphere that is the Grapefruit League.

Don’t fret about Oswalt giving up three runs to the Phillies; his goal was to come close to 100 pitches, which he achieved. He also felt better as the outing continued.

“I felt strong early — too strong, actually,” he said. “I couldn’t get the ball down, I kept throwing up in the zone.  I felt better late in the game, in the fourth and fifth and six innings. I started getting  a little edge knocked off.”

After pitching in the World Baseball Classic, Oswalt struggled to switch gears so quickly.

“It was a little different atmosphere out there,” he said. “You go from having to win every time out to trying to work on some stuff to get ready for the season.”

Oswalt threw two bullpen sessions between his last start for Team USA and his start Friday. He’ll have one more outing before Opening Day, and I’m pretty confident he’ll be ready to go on Opening Day April 6.


Congrats on the high ranking in the MLBlogs Latest Leaders! Woot!


Hope he will be ready, I’ll be there to watch him beat Zambrano and put us on top of the Cubs to start the season!

Congrats Alyson and, no surprise! Is this blog staying up all season or is it just for ST? I hope all season but I suppose it’s extra work for beat writers, I was just wondering…us fans definitely enjoy it.

Footer rocks! Astros are considered a medium-market team but yet our MLB writer has one of the best blogs – ’nuff said! Definitely hope the blog continues throughout the season.

WFBro, I’m pretty sure she said she’s continuing the blog throughout the season

Yahoo sports is reporting the Stros have interest in Jeff Baker of the Rockies. Any clues on this that could be dropped? He’s be a GREAT addition as an everyday 3B. This guy has been drowning under a constantly talented Rockies infield but has always been highly touted. Any news is good news.

Love the blog, reading it everyday from Korea. Baseball season is going to be tough this year as night games come on in the middle of the day here. I’ll be stationed back in Texas in October, though, just in time to watch the Stros in the World Series……hope, there’s always hope!

ktex, thanks for the response. It would make sense to keep the blog up all season.

Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the support and yes, this blog is here to stay…it will not end when spring training is over.

I am sure the Astros are interested in Baker; there are a handful of third basemen who may be a fit for the Astros. I’ll be addressing it in today’s Inbox.

Thanks again for supporting this blog.

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