Rotation shaping up. Puma still day-to-day.

Looks like we have the order of the starting five, barring injury, major meltdown or unforeseen disaster:

Roy Oswalt

Wandy Rodriguez

Brian Moehler

Mike Hampton

Russ Ortiz


This is based on the order of the rotation as we head to Opening Day. I do not know if the Astros will pitch Ortiz on his scheduled day or if they’ll wait until the first time they actually need their fifth starter, which is April 15.

All we know now is Oswalt will pitch every five days no matter what, with the remaining four falling in line around him. Off days may simply mean the other four will get an extra day of rest between starts. We’ll see.

Lance Berkman isn’t in the lineup Tuesday and since the Astros won’t be using the DH on Wednesday either, it’s more likely we won’t see Puma’s name in the batting order again until Thursday, when the team plays the Double-A Hooks in Corpus Christi. However, Cooper may insert Berkman into a game in the next couple of days just to get him an at-bat or two.



Ha ha! I had that feeling Moehler would move up in the rotation. I believe I even mentioned something about it on your blog a few days ago. He?s had a really good ST, so it makes sense. There is someone we don?t hear a whole lot about: Arias?He?s having a very good ST too (0ER). Do you think we will see him starting this year when one of our starters goes on the DL?

I agree. Arias looked great last year against the Pirates also in the game where Saccomanno hit that home run on his first MLB pitch.

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