So long, Kissimmee. We hardly knew ya.

News and notes:

Cecil Cooper isn’t yet revealing who the fifth starter [even though we all know it’s Russ Ortiz], but he did confirm whoever it is will not make a start at Triple-A to begin the season. The Astros won’t need their fifth starter until April 15, so he’ll use that pitcher out of the ‘pen as a long reliever in the interim.


Pudge Rodriguez will make what Cooper called a “courtesy appearance” in Corpus tonight. He’ll play no more than three innings, which is understandable considering he’s played in almost every game since he signed with the Astros and could probably use a breather.


Seven weeks ago, the home clubhouse at Osceola County Stadium was jam packed with 57 well-rested players ready for another long spring season under the sun.

On Thursday, the scene couldn’t have been more different. The clubhouse was mostly empty, with only a few players, dressed in street clothes, waiting for the buses to leave for the airport.

Some players sat at their lockers doing crossword puzzles, other sat in groups shooting the breeze with small talk. Many hung out in the lunch room.

Me? I took more pictures. Anything to pass the time…


Darin Erstad




Carlos Lee, showing off his new hat.



Roy Oswalt, reading the paper and wishing I would go away.






 Chris Sampson

Jose Valverde.



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Great pix. Bet y’all are looking forward to heading in on Allen Parkway pretty soon; I know that’s one of the things I miss the most about the hometown…..

Thanks for the last civvy pix; Professor Valverde cracks me up. Oswalt looking at the biz pages? Don’t blow Country Boy’s cover!!!

On to a great season, glad you guys will be covering it for me so I have something to read away from the flagpole!

Congratulations, Alyson, for making it through “the Mother of All Spring Trainings”! Job well done! You’ve earned every one of those Margaritas tonight!

Can’t wait for the fun to being on Monday!
Go ‘Stros!

Do they have a traveling dress code?

Hey Alyson,
Do you know if the Astros have any interest in picking up Dallas Mcpherson, who was released from the Marlins a few days ago. He’s a 3B who led all the minors in homers last year.

No interest in Dallas McPhearson. There is no need for him now that they have Keppinger.

Yes, they have a dress code…they need to wear slacks and maybe a sport coat (not sure about the coat). No jeans.

Nice job on the blog this spring training Alyson!
Oh man, I just noticed the possible captions/harassments on the Carlos Lee pick with the McDonalds in his hand!


Alyson, now we know that Lance’s left arm must really be killing him. If he felt better, surely he would have at least PRETENDED to chunk those cleats he is holding in his left hand in the direction of your camera.

Excuse me, Chris Sampson, but what is up with you lugging your own sofy, fluffy pillow with you for the 2 1/2 hour flight to Corpus? Dude, you are killing me!

Footer, your photos and this blog rock! Thank you for sharing and hopefully you will continue with the blog.

Welcome home, Astros!

Wow, when does Roy Oswalt not look like Roy Oswalt? In that picture! Maybe it’s the hair, I’m not sure, but he just looks different there; younger, even. Did he dye his hair? Maybe it just looks darker with the white shirt on. Maybe I’m nuts. Thanks for all the pics, Alyson, we love it! Keep’em comin’!

Lol, I really love Valverde’s pic, who is that with him? Whoever it is, Valverde looks like his lawyer dressed that way

Oh look, Carlos has a McDonalds bag. Shock…


I really enjoyed your Spring Training blog.
Will you continue the blog during the season?

ls the “mailbag” going to come back?

Keep up the good work!

Go ‘Stros !!!!!

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