Final roster official soon; FanFest fun at the ballpark.

Cecil Cooper plans to finalize the Astros’ Opening Day roster after the game today, and it’ll come as a surprise to no one when Russ Ortiz is named the fifth starter, Jose Capellan is sent to the Minor Leagues and Jason Smith is named the backup utility infielder.

Reggie Abercrombie already knows that he didn’t make the team, and as always, he was classy and professional with his reaction. He commended the Astros for signing Jason Michaels in the offseason, saying, “Michaels is an outstanding player. You can’t not go get him. He makes the team better.”

That’s why Reggie is a great teammate, and liked by everyone.

Snapped a few pictures of FanFest at Minute Maid Park today…


Puma, Abercrombie, Blum, Capellan (hidden by a bat) 


Abercrombie, Blum



Astros broadcasters at a Talkin’ Baseball session.



Mrs. Puma, Cara Berkman, chatting with FS Houston’s Patti Smith during a Women in Baseball session.



Drayton McLane signs autographs.


The new guys, Jeff Keppinger, sitting next to Humberto Quintero.



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Assuming we won’t need the #5 spot in the rotation until week #2, and assuming Ortiz is sent down to log some innings in preparation, who will fill out the 25 man for that span? Any chance Abercrombie can stay and platoon with Bourn? I am curious as to how that would work out. The math supports that idea.

Mrs. Puma – that’s great!

FanFest was awesome today, I walked away with about 20 signatures and a picture with Milo Hamilton just before he was going on the air! Miguel Tejada sure did seem upset about something, though. Alyson, I spotted you near the FiveSeven Grille and was very surprised by how tall you are. You are considerably taller than me, though that is not hard to achieve. It is a good thing, though, so don’t worry!

Eh. Rather see Abercrombie&Bourn than Bourn&Michaels. Yes, both great potential fashion stores, but one will definitely offer a much more broad range, versus the other, which will be severely tied down to the very basics. And that IS a large center field.

If Drayton was signing checks he would’ve gotten some attention.

Back to Reggie, how do you ask a player to sign autographs in the uniform he was just told he wouldn’t be wearing?
-“Make a kid smile, maybe we’ll call ya.”

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