Valverde out tonight, and maybe longer.


Jose Valverde is out for tonight’s game and could be sidelined longer, depending on how quickly his bruised right foot and pulled calf muscle heal.

“He’s going to be laid up for a while,” manager Cecil Cooper said before Wednesday’s game. “He definitely will be out tonight. We hope to give him a day or two and see how he is.”

Valverde pulled the muscle after taking an Orlando Hudson line drive off his foot and making a diving throw to Lance Berkman at first. He admitted later it was hard for him to throw strikes after the incident.

A melancholy Valverde expressed optimism that he would be ready to pitch for the finale against the Dodgers, but honestly, that’s looking kind of doubtful.

“Tomorrow,” he said. “We’ll see how I feel. If I feel better tomorrow, I’ll be able to pitch.”



Maybe I missed it but who will be the closer while he is out? Or will it be “close by committee”?

Wow, Berkman just tied it with a homerun. Fun game, wish I was there in person.

Ms Alyson,
Do you know if cooper is fixing to use Hawkins as the closer until Valverde is back? He used him last night and it worked out well, however per my fellow Astros fan RoundRock15, Hawkins has never done well as a closer in his career. I’m sure Cooper is aware of that.
What do you think?

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