Oswalt starts Tuesday.

Oswalt starts Tuesday, Moehler bumped up to Monday, Ortiz available out of ‘pen Sunday, which is smart, considering they ran through the relief staff today. Sampson has a bruise on his ankle. He’s in pain but he sounds optimistic that it won’t be long before he’s OK. Nothing broken. 


Interesting. Hopefully Moehler will have success, especially considering he will be facing the Nats. I expect we will probably see Ortiz Sunday then, to allow him to get in at least one or two innings? Thanks for such on the spot reporting!

That’s good news. Hopefully Sampson doesn’t end up missing too much time, we’ll need Mr. Reliable to anchor our bullpen with that shiny 1.17 ERA of his!

I have no idea what Cooper is thinking today. Why take Wandy out after five innings and 86 pitches? I’m sure it’s probably humid in Atlanta, but Wandy should be in good enough condition to go another inning or two. And if he does pull Wanday after five, why doesn’t Ortiz go in? Why waste 4 other pitchers in quick succession, who probably need some time off. Now Moehler’s going tomorrow. How many innings do we expect from him? Would be nice to have a slightly rested bullpen available. Roy better shoot for a complete game on Tuesday.

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