Oswalt threw 17 pitches. When should he pitch next?

Let’s call Saturday’s start a bullpen session for our resident ace, who was out after one inning and 17 pitches because of a one-hour, 37-minute rain delay.

There is no reason why Oswalt can’t pitch as early as Monday. Russ Ortiz is scheduled to start that game. Brian Moehler is scheduled for Tuesday. Who should Oswalt bump?


I’d love to see him pitch ASAP. My honest concern is more about what harm could be done if he ends up waiting the full 5 days to go again. I also heard Dave Raymond saying something about Roy reaching at his right shoulder in the clubhouse, which worried me that he might have been pulled out due to a soreness or injury. Good to hear it was simply the rain delay.

Hope not, jubbies. They usually call up injuries to the press box and we haven’t heard anything up here.

Thank God, I thought his start was going to be wasted.

I know you think Moehler is ready, but I’m not so sure after getting roughed up by the Rockhounds. With that being said, I’d prefer to test him against a team like the Nats so let’s throw Ortiz out of the mix.


since Ortiz was just skipped i’d go Moehler and have him work out of the pen which he has experience at doing.

Move Roy up a few days? Interesting….but I don’t know. I would hope we could beat the Nationals with someone other than Oswalt. If he stayed on his regular turn, his next start would be Thurs at home against the Cubs, wouldn’t it? I think I prefer that matchup instead.

On a side note – I’m watching the Rice v. UH game on CBSCS tv, and Morgan Ensberg is the color guy. Are his playing days officially over? I’d forgotten what an off-beat sense of humor he had. I wish it had all worked out differently for him. He’s a really nice guy – good luck to him!

i was at the game today. my first game outdoors and first rain delay. was pretty pissed when roy didnt come back out after the delay.

i could see you ms. footer in the press box with your headphones on. what were you listening to? astros radio i presume?

i got compared to jabba the hut on the big screen. not exactly a flattering thing. but hey, we won the game!

Micfly, you were a great sport about the jabba the hut thing. To answer your question, other than transcribing tape when I first get back to the press box after batting practice, I’m not listening to anything when I have the headphones on. They’re those Bose noise-cancelling headphones and it blocks out about half the crowd noise. Makes it a lot easier to work, and it helps get through a season. Being in loud ballparks is great, but it does take its toll over a long period of time.

hope they didnt block out the sweet organ music for the astros batters. born to be wild, and born in the usa, for you know who batting 2nd were the highlights.

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