Break out the RallyHawks.


Hunter Pence and Geoff Blum walked into the clubhouse on Friday sporting these RallyHawks, with two intentions: to show their support for the Rockets [who sport their own version of the RallyHawk, called the VonHawk], and to spark a rally of sorts on
their own scuffling team.

Now comes the hard part — getting their teammates on board. Wesley Wright, who wears his hair very short, said he’d try to grow it out a little this week and then revisit the opportunity. Blum surmised Tim Byrdak would be the toughest to convince to obtain the Rally Hawk. Logistically, it just might not be possible.

“The guy’s already follically challenged,” Blum said.

Byrdak, whose head of hair won’t be mistaken for that of, say, Tom Selleck’s during his Magnum P.I. days, didn’t sound enthused about the notion of cutting even a little off the sides.

“I’ve got two brothers that are bald,” Byrdak said. “I’m trying to hold onto my hair as long as I can.”

Lance Berkman might be a hard sell as well.

“If you look like a goon, is it worth it?” he asked. Then, acknowledging his .184 batting average, added, “At this point, I don’t need to be drawing any undue attention to myself.”


I’m a bit too bald up front myself for a RallyHawk, it would look more like a RallyMullet! Plus I shave it down completely so it would take some time to grow it out, and by then we should be in first place! Right? . . .

Berkman needs to just go ahead and get on boardwith the rallyhawk. He needs something to get his mind off of not hitting.

2-0 with the RallyHawks! Once Oswalt sweeps the Padres tomorrow, it won’t be long before RallyHawks will be seen in the stands and in the dugout.

Puma should go with the flow – I wrote a blog during spring training on my observation that the less facial hair Berkman had, the better he hit and the more the Astros won. ( Hey – whatever works – can’t argue with a sweep! Two questions for you, Alyson:

1. Are more of the guys adopting RallyHawks?

2. Much has been said about clubhouse leadership in the post Biggio/Bagwell era, with the idea that Berkman would step up to it. But do you think that it’s Pence who will be a future clubhouse leader, with his work ethic, obvious enthusiasm for the game, and the great talent that will get the Astros to sign him for a longterm deal?

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