Berry out of the hospital, texting Hunter.

Sean Berry was still lying in his hospital bed Sunday morning when he texted a friendly reminder to his prized pupil to be patient at the plate.

Naturally, Berry was happy to see Hunter Pence draw two walks during the Astros’ 12-5 win over the Padres. He was even happier Monday, when he was released from the hospital and was cleared to head to his California home with his wife, Linda, and children Tanner and Madeline.

Berry plans to fly west on Thursday. He hopes to be back with the team in about two weeks — “maybe a little less, maybe a little more,” he said.

43-year-old Berry was diagnosed with having a tumor on his right kidney
after feeling discomfort that he mistook for kidney stones during the
last road trip. The tumor was discovered last Wednesday, and he had
surgery to removed the kidney two days later.

For now, Berry is cancer-free, but he realizes he’s in for a new way of life from here on out. He’ll be checked every three months for any other complications that may arise. He’s in great spirits and is anxious to return to the team — after enjoying some time with a family that I’m sure has had one heck of a tough week.


Great to know Berry’s doin’ OK and he is with his family. I can only imagine what it really felt like to hear the doctor say the “C” word to him that first time. Hope he makes a speedy recovery and can’t wait ’til he makes it back!

Welcome to the C Survivors Club, Sean! God speed on your recovery. And thank you, AF, for the Momma’s Day photos.

Make sure to pass on the get well soon from Astros fandom!

Good to hear Berry’s doing so well. Nothing wrong with him keeping up with Hunter’s progress either! Get well soon Sean.

please give my best to Sean Berry and let him know I’m keeping an eye on Hunter!!! From Team Mom! We miss you, Sean!!! Get back soon.

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