Geary hurt?

Geoff Geary gave up five runs in two-thirds of an inning on Wednesday, and later, manager Cecil Cooper expressed concern that there may be something wrong with the reliever, health-wise.

“I’m not real sure what’s going on there,” Cooper said. “We’ve got to check him out. He’s been battling some bicep tendinitis a little bit. Maybe that’s why he’s having the problems he’s been having. He is not the same guy he was a year ago.”

Cooper was vague as to what steps the club will take to investigate the problem, but an examination by team doctors could be in his future.

“We don’t know yet,” Cooper said. “We’re trying to make those decisions now. As soon as we know, we’ll tell you. We’ve got to make sure we figure it out and find out what’s going on.” 


I think there’s a good chance Geary’s spot in the rotation goes to Backe. He is ready to go whereas Geary seems more suited to AA pitching these days.

Roster I mean, not rotation. Lol I’m sleepy….

I hope it is health related and something easily fixable. Geary is SUCH a good guy. I always enjoy seeing him at spring training because he’s so nice and chatty with the fans. He deserves to succeed!

Lets face it Baseball is fun to watch but it a what have you done for me lately business for the teams. Geary , no matter what he did in the past, is a liability. He needs to be replaced by someone who has a change of getting outs. The end for players sometimes comes suddenly; the trick is to see that and go with it, for both the player and the management.

Nothing personal to Geoff but if he is hurt, put him on th DL and get somebody else up here to do the job. If he isn’t hurt, then maybe we should take a look at what youngsters can step up and replace him. He has been a sore spot for us as has Brocail.

In addition, we need to say “bye-bye” to Ortiz and maybe make a trade or again see who is ready in the Minors and get tehm up here and see what they can do.

This season is by far from over, but we need to get the bullpen corrected and hopefully our SP will get it going (cause it seems that our Offense is waking up), so let’s get it going!

It has been very difficult to watch a complete Astros game this season when things aren’t going right. If a player is not performing why are they allowed to play through their injuries? Geary was very good last year but this year there is something not right. Now he is on the DL. Same with the Puma. If something isn’t right its not going to get any better trying to play through it. The team needs to field their best players to dig themselves out of this rut.

Is this supposed to explain all the home runs he has given up is the last ten games or so that he has pitched in?

Tendinitis? More like home run-itis.

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