Buddy, can you spare a glove?

Jeff Fulchino had an interesting couple of hours after he was recalled from Triple-A Round Rock. He met the Astros in Chicago Thursday night, and because he didn’t travel with them from Denver, he had to bring his equipment bag with him from the hotel to Wrigley Field Friday morning.

He hopped in a cab with a couple of teammates, but once they paid the cab fare, the driver took off — with, unwittingly, Fulchino’s equipment bag. So the relief pitcher had to borrow shoes and a glove from a couple of teammates. The glove was no problem — he swiped one, temporarily, from Roy Oswalt. The shoes, on the other hand…well, the 6-foot-5, 250-pound Fulchino wears a size 15. Not a whole lot of that just hanging around in the clubhouse.

LaTroy Hawkins was the closest, with a size 14. That’s close, but maybe not quite close enough. No wonder Fulchino was walking a little funny when he headed to the field for stretching before Friday’s game [which was eventually postponed].

But there’s a happy ending. A clubhouse worker received a call from the cabbie, who, upon discovering the equipment, headed back to Wrigley to deliver the goods.


Michael Bourn and his solid production continues to be a hot topic each day. But manager Cecil Cooper takes no credit for the center fielder’s emergence.

“That’s all Sean Berry,” Cooper said, referring to the Astros’ hitting coach. Cooper also included third base coach Dave Clark as a major influence.

Speaking of Berry, he’s back with his family at his California home, where he’ll spend about a week. He’ll then return to Houston for another examination by his doctor, and if he’s given the “all-clear,” he’ll resume his coaching duties soon after.

It’s been about a week since Sean had surgery to remove a cancerous kidney, and he’s anxious to rejoin the club. He is, of course, glad the team is hitting well in his absence, but he’d prefer to see it up close and personal — and who can blame him?


That’s a pretty good story, though I doubt Fulchino will be too amused when he tells it until it’s a few years old. Wonder why the driver took off? Always good to hear good news about Mr. Berry, the Astros’ fan base wishes him the best!

Cabbies are always in a rush. At least it was Chicago and not New York!

Of course, the game yesterday was rained out but I had a question about it. Moehler was supposed to start the game. But at the beginning of the season, Cooper had said Oswalt would start every 5th day regardless of whose spot it was in the rotation. Under that theory (because of the day off), yesterday’s starter should have been Roy. Has Cooper backed down from that original plan?
Honestly, the way that both Roy and Wandy are pitching, I would be tempted to start both of the every 5th day regardless of spot in the rotation.

Hey, Brett and Dave said you got a promotion–Director of Digital Media? Not sure if I heard correctly. Anyway, congratulations–although, know that you will be sorely missed as beat writer!

Congrats to you , Allyson, on being named Senior Director, Digital Media, for the Astros front office! We Have every faith that you will do a great job!
My daughter and I have trusted your journalism talents for a while now and look forward to continuing to follow your “unique writing abilities and down-to-earth style”(Jay Lucas, Astros Sr. V.P. of Comm. , quote) GO ASTROS!! GO ALLYSON!!

Apologies for misspelling of ALYSON . I should have known better! GO ALYSON!!

I do hope you will continue this blog as you began your new assignment with the Astros. Congrats to you.

I do hope you will continue this blog as you began your new assignment with the Astros. Congrats to you.

I do hope you will continue this blog as you began your new assignment with the Astros. Congrats to you.

Wish you the best of luck with your new endeavors and I, as well as many others, will surely miss you and your expertise in the field of journalism as we were priveleged to observe with this website on a regular basis. I must admit, I’m a bit frightened to think of whose hands we may end up in as far as our daily news reports on the main page are concerned. Whoever replaces you will have a difficult time matching the passion and experience you brought to the stories and blogs you authored here on Astros.com day in and day out! We will miss you Alyson!

Alyson, say it ain’t so!

It’ great to see how Bourn is doing this year. How come he’s not leading off?

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