Geary on the mend. Maysonet recalled.

Geoff Geary is throwing on flat ground every day, fully intending to be ready for activation from the disabled list when he’s eligible on May 29. Whether he’s actually ready remains to be seen, however.

Geary, sidelined with right biceps tendinitis, is working with the team’s athletic trainers to strengthen the muscles on his upper back — near the back of his neck — with hopes that it will improve Geary’s posture and relieve the pressure on the front of his shoulder.

“It’s a day to day process, and every day that I feel better, the more excited I become,” Geary said.

Pitching with pain is something Geary is accustomed to. He says he’s done so most of his career, not from anything out of the ordinary, but simply because pain is the natural byproduct of doing something so physically unnatural and violent as overhand pitching.

“There have been times I can’t sleep because I couldn’t get my arm in the right position,” Geary said. “That’s just something you have to deal with. Your pain tolerance increases.”

Geary pointed out that he pitched with tears in his groin and abdomen in 2008 and found a way to get through it. This time, however, he realized he couldn’t pitch through the pain and still produce acceptable results.

He realized this pretty quickly during the Rockies series last week. In what was headed for a blowout Astros win, Geary allowed five runs in the ninth inning. He went on the DL the next morning.
“I kept telling myself, ‘if Jamie Moyer can pitch at 86 [mph], so can Geoff Geary,'” he said, referring to the Phillies’ 46-year-old mainstay. “But I’m not doing anything but hurting myself. Jamie Moyer knows how to pitch at 86. I don’t.”


Following Thursday’s game, the Astros designated infielder Jason Smith and recalled infielder Edwin Maysonet from Triple-A Round Rock. Maysonet will serve in the same role as Smith, as a second utility infielder. “He can play all over,” manager Cecil Cooper said.


Two things that struck me funny from Wednesday’s lineup card mixup that resulted in Michael Bourn hitting second, despite leading off the game with a base hit:

* Before the game, Bourn was the featured presenter of the lineup during FS Houston’s pregame show. I believe his exact words were, “Hitting in the leadoff spot, me.”

* According to manager Cecil Cooper, just before the game began, he and a couple of his coaches were talking about Joe Maddon’s lineup gaffe from a few days earlier that resulted in the Rays having to bat their pitcher. Little did they know…

From batting practice:

Erstad, Blum and everyone’s favorite lefty, Jim Deshaies. 


Dave Clark talks bunting with Michael Bourn.


Carlos Lee.


Carlos Lee and Puma have a laugh while Puma fields grounders.


Jason Michaels and Jeff Keppinger talk hitting.
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I must admit, I was pulling hard for Maysonet to come up in Smith’s place, 0-for-25 is just a little extreme. Surprised we even took Smith back after we got rid of the 13th pitcher. I always thought they didn’t want to bring Maysonet up to sit on the bench because they wanted him getting experience in AAA to replace Tejada next year, but it would seem that’s not so. Perhaps they have plans for Keppinger at short…

JD for Manager!!

I’m as forgiving as the next man, but Jason Smith’s performance with us was flat out unacceptable. Why they bothered to resign him in the first place is a mystery I’ll never know the answer to. Jason Smith is proof positive that Spring Training stats usually mean absolutely nothing. Last year it was Jose Cruz jr, this year Jason Smith. When will they learn?

I’ll give the umps the benefit of the doubt on the Berkman play. What I am more concerned with is the consistency of the strike zone this year and the agressiveness of the umpires. When Bourne batted out of order, TV had the cameras and microphones down by the dugout. Bourne asked something, and the crew chief said, I don’t care if you understand, just get moving. He could’ve said batted out of order, your still up. Posture, demeaner, everything from the umps says bad attitude. Tie that back to the same pitch is called differently on consecutive pitches, puts guys like Oswalt at a disadvantage.

I?m like you thejubbies, I thought the reason why they had not called up Maysonet sooner is because they wanted him to play everyday to be ready for next year. Hopefully he won?t be benched as much as Smith and contribute. I was pulling for Smith early in the season; I mean the guy was hitting for over 400 for most of ST, but he definitely hit a wall?0 for 25, ouch!

The argument at the plate could have been avoided if Berkman would have just run over the catcher. It’s nice to be a nice guy but sometimes you have to get nasty to win a ballgame.

I fail to understand how some of you are touting Maysonet as the shortstop of the Astros’ future.

Maysonet MiLB: .257 BA, .319 OBP

Unless there is a trade or a minor leaguer steps up, the choice is Keppinger. He’s a stop-gap, yes, but in almost a thousand MLB at bats, he has a .287 BA and .340 OBP.

I’d frankly rather the Astros sign Tejada to a one- or two- year incentive deal and try to develop somebody who is not below-average at the plate.

We are touting Maysonet because he?s hitting 321avg with a 430 OBP so far this year (in only 78 AB I know). Good numbers in AAA don?t always translate well in MLB though (see Towles). I think we?re mostly excited to see someone else being given a chance beside Smith.

Well you can’t do any worse than Smith (0-25), so let’s see what Rico (Maysonet) can do. He’s had a great start in Round Rock and hope he can care it over to the Majors. As far as an infielder goes he has the range and is very smooth as you can get, besides his bat will come aroud.

No matter who they get, I wonder when will the Stros get tired of losing.

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