Pudge leaves game with left knee irritation.

Head athletic trainer Nate Lucero and manager Cecil Cooper made their way to the mound in the bottom of the first inning on Monday, which usually indicates a possible injury to the pitcher.

But the two were clearly having a conversation with catcher Pudge Rodriguez, not Wandy Rodriguez, so it came as no surprise when Humberto Quintero took over behind the plate in the next frame.

Pudge Rodriguez left the game with a sprained left knee, and his status is currently day-to-day. Rodriguez insisted he would be back on the field Tuesday.

“I’ll be playing tomorrow, no matter what,” he said.

Rodriguez suffered the injury after his knee twisted awkwardly while he was attempting to tag Adam Rosales on a play at the plate in the first inning.

“It wasn’t [Rosales], I just got caught in the wrong place,” Rodriguez said. “I went down and my knee went the wrong way. I went to tag him and my left knee got stuck. I felt a little pop in my inside knee, in the back.”

When he resumed his crouch position behind the plate, Rodriguez felt pain in the knee area. He communicated that with Cooper while also insisting he could continue playing, but Cooper decided to take the safe route and remove the veteran catcher.

“Cooper told me, ‘Just go in and don’t take any chances,'” Rodriguez said. “I could have gone back and played but he told me to take it easy. He said he’s going to need me to help for the season. I’ll be OK tomorrow. For sure, tomorrow.”

Cooper indicated that infielder Edwin Maysonet could be used as a catcher in an emergency situation. Geoff Blum, another catching option, is sidelined with a strained hamstring.


JR Towles is batting .315 with Round Rock, I wonder if Pudge goes down if we’ll go back to having our catcher be a free out/bunt.

Hey. Pudge has been very, very good behind the plate.
His offense is better then anything the Astros have in the minors.
Wait until June/July when he gets hot.

Alyson…..what is Jason Michaels doing on this team????????
I mean this guy has YET to do ANYTHING!!! DANG!! Ed Wade
needs to go shopping for someone else to play outfield.
Wade can add this one to his growing list of players this
team needs. The “ghost” of Wandy past showed up today…
and the Astros “GAVE” this game to the Reds, on a silver platter. GRRRRRRRRRRR

Pudge was seven innings behind the plate to own the all time record for most innings completed in MLB history…this is amazing given that he is 37 yrs & 6 months old…..Carlton Fisk owns the record….he catched until after 44 yrs old. Pudge also owns catcher records for hits, 2B, XB hits, AB, TC, PO, PKo & GS. He is also 16 games short o most games participatios as catcher!!!! This is really the iron man in MLB!!! Hope he can catch until he is 40…..3000 hits could be reachable!!!

dgpar, you make a great point. We’ve had Smith and now Michaels; neither has been productive. Too bad Coop couldn’t “talk” with David Newhan, he’s never been great, but always has been productive. He would be a fantastic addition to this club. Assuming he would come back the way Cooper treated him.

Newhan? Not happening; the last I heard he was a coach/player for the Orioles triple A affiliate. I was not a Newhan fan, but admittedly he couldn?t be any worse than Smith/Michaels/Erstad right now.

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