Pence in the Mag, Brocail, Whataburger, and other good stuff.

For the last two weeks, Hunter Pence has been tied at the hip with ESPN the Magazine as it prepares its annual “Athletes Issue,” due to hit the stands the week of June 22.

The issue is dedicated to sports, of course, but strictly from the players’ point of view. The magazine gave Pence a hand-held video camera to document certain aspects of road trips, in addition to ESPN The Magazine reporters following him around from time to time. There was a large focus of Pence off the field, sort of showing a day in the life of a ballplayer. What are their interests? How do they spend their spare time?

Apparently, Pence has recently taken up playing chess. And in his spare time, he’s been drinking coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. One of his favorite activities on the road is finding top-notch breakfast establishments, so I’m assuming we’ll find out about the tastiest joints in the league after reading this issue.

Some of the focus is on baseball as well. Photographers have been shadowing Pence everywhere for the last couple of days, snapping dozens — maybe hundreds — of shots on the field during batting practice, in the cages and in the clubhouse. So, I thought I’d take pictures of Pence getting his picture taken.



The television broadcasting crew will be altered slightly on Wednesday and Thursday. Lead play-by-play announcer Bill Brown will be away from the team to tend to family issues, and in his place, radio announcer Dave Raymond will be in the booth with Jim Deshaies on Wednesday, while Brett Dolan will sub for Brownie on Thursday.

(Left, Deshaies, right, Raymond)



Player appearance alert:
How’s this for a whacky crew? Doug Brocail and Junction Jack, along with the Astros Street team, will appear together at the Whataburger restaurant located

at 3040 Silverlake Village Drive in Pearland on Wednesday. The autograph session will be the first of four Astros player appearances at local restaurants — the others are June 24, July 7 and Aug. 4.

Here’s a new ticket promotion at the ballpark the might pique your interest. It’s called Hunter’s Lodge, and it involves, you guessed it, Hunter Pence. For $30, you get a full view of Pence from your seat near right field (in section 133 or 134), an original green Hunter Pence t-shirt — with a new design introduced each month — and an automatic entry into a monthly drawing for an Astros gift pack featuring a Pence autographed baseball.

You can read more about it here.

The promotion began Monday and will be available every home game throughout the season.

I had to see for myself so I sat for an inning in the Hunter’s Lodge seats, and of course, while I was down there, I snapped a couple of pictures:



And finally, some randoms from BP today:

Geoff Blum, happy to be back in the lineup. He’s been ready to play since the Pittsburgh series last weekend, ,so he was anxious to get back in there after missing so much time with a hamstring issue. 

Pudge Rodriguez in the cage.

Carlos Lee and friends.



I’m so glad that Dave Raymond will be in the booth with JD. I miss their radio show. While I will miss Brownie, I’m sure the tag team of JD & Dave (only put JD first Dave because he is more senior than you!!!) will have some very entertaining moments. Looking forward to “seeing” the dyamic duo on the air.

Why are the Hunter’s Lodge T-shirts green? And who came up with that name? Seems like a place where 50 year old men would want to hang out and not hip fans of Pence. “Pence’s Place” or “Right Field Friends,” anything would have been more enticing than Hunter’s Lodge. Anything, that is, except Mannywood!!!,

Condolences to mr. Brown on the loss of his mother, wish he and his family the best of luck going through the ordeal.

Pence is on fire! I hope the Mag is taking good notes and will do their part in giving Hunter the props he deserves as a young, focused, talented athlete in this game.

I think Hunter’s Lodge is the perfect play on words for this place. And, I think the shirts might be green in the pics because these are sponsored by the Waste Management “Go Green” campaign. Surely they’ll mix them up each month.

Hi Alyson, I’m a Sox fan living near Houston, loved the article, it was attached to our Sox blog – was at the game last night, amazing ending beating the Cubs in the bottom of the 9th, couldn’t ask for a better win! My mom was a first timer to Minute Maid (she was down for my daughter’s hs grad) and she really enjoyed herself. Although we’ll always be Sox fans, the Astros are quickly becoming a part of my baseball loves.

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