Blogging from Draft room.


We’re about 35 minutes away from the start of the 2009 Draft…I’m all set up in the corner of the room, waiting for the action to begin. Actually, we — and by we, I mean anyone waiting to find out who the Astros pick first — are probably around two hours away from any real excitement, considering the Astros have the 21st selection this year and there is a five-minute wait in between each one in the first round.

Check back early and often, as I’ll be posting updates and pictures on this blog, as well as updating my Twitter page at @alysonfooter.


Photos from the first hour:

Not sure how many owners attend the Draft, but Drayton McLane likes to be in the middle of the action.


The group watches the intro show on MLB Network.



GM Ed Wade and Asst. GM/Scouting Director Bobby Heck.



Hey – where are all the legends and HOFers? All I’ve seen is Bud at the podium, hogging the spotlight. I thought they were going to have someone from each team announce their selection. Wasn’t that the plan? If I’m Bidge, I would be a bit ticked-off to fly all the way up there to represent the Astros, and then not have the honor of calling out the player’s name. If all he’s up there to do is to pass a piece of paper with a name on it to Bud, well, that’s just not right. As a fan, I’m extremely disappointed; I was looking forwarded to seeing many famous faces from the other teams, not to mention Biggio!

Good point…I’m sitting next to Enos Cabell and he just informed me that the HOFers and legends will be announcing the second round. They sure did make it sound like the HOFers would announce Round 1, didn’t they? Sorry ’bout that…

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