Draft day No. 1 is in the books. Welcome, Jiovanni Mier.


I was always curious as to what happens the moment a team solidifies its first
pick. The excitement erupted not when the Astros made their pick, but rather,
when the team before them picked, because then they knows for sure they got
their man.

As soon as the Blue Jays selected Stephen Jenkins, the Astros
rejoiced, and immediately, Assistant GM in charge of Scouting Bobby Heck (below) made the call to scout John Kosciak, who was in
New Jersey with Craig Biggio representing the Astros at the MLB Network


At that point, the tension in the room pretty much evaporated.
It wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable earlier, but until the Astros’ turn arrived,
they sat with bated breath as the first 20 selections were made. I counted three
separate times where the staff appeared visibly
relieved when a team
announced its selection.

The club picked Jiovanni Mier, a shortstop from
Bonita High School in Laverne, Calif. Once it was made official by Commissioner
Bud Selig on the MLB Network, the room broke out in applause, followed by a
hearty round of hugs and handshakes among front office staffers, cross-checkers
and scouts,. As you can see, it was a happy room:



Then it was time to address the media. First up, Heck:


Then, Wade:


Upon returning to the Draft room, Heck called Mier, who had graduated from high school that night, and said,

“Enjoy the night, but you better keep your phone charged, buddy.”


Here’s what Baseball America said about Mier:

He is a
rare prep shortstop who projects to remain at that position in pro ball. He has
above-average speed and a powerful arm that grades out to well-above average. He
occasioanlly pitches for his high school squad, and scouts have gunned his
fastball in the 91-93 mph range.

He has an athletic and projectable
6-foot-2, 170-pound frame. Mier has decent hands, though his actions need to be
smoother, which should come wth experience. He has been inconsistent with the
bat, struggling last summer during showcases but looking sensational last fall
at the World Wood Bat Champsionship and the Southern California scout ball
all-star game.

Brian McTaggart has the full story here

here is a roundup of the rest of the day’s activities:

Houston selected
four high school players during day one, marking the first time since 1986 that
the club selected four straight high school players with its first four picks in
the draft.

Right-hander Tanner Bushue is the first right-handed pitcher
taken by the Astros in the second round since the club selected Sergio Perez at
number 67 overall in 2006.

Craig Biggio announced the club’s selection of Bushue:


Outfielder Telvin Nash was the 100th
selection overall; other notable outfielders selected with the 100th overall
pick include Ron Gant (1983) and Shane Mack (1981). Both Gant and Mack were
selected as infielders, but played exclusively as outfielders in the Major

The Astros were the only club with a supplemental third round
draft choice and selected third baseman Jonathan Meyer.

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Very Cool. Interesting to get to see behind the curtain. Excellent work AF. THX. Let the rebuilding begin.

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