I sat through a 52-minute bee delay and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

During the bizarre 52-minute bee delay at PETCO Park Thursday afternoon I couldn’t help but think about that “Bee Movie” Jerry Seinfeld starred in a few years ago. In that flick, bees were cute, talkative and you really rooted for them to come out ahead of the pack.

In real life, namely, Thursday, you simply rooted for someone to locate a big can of Raid and wipe the little guys out all at once, atomic-bomb style.

Cue the beekeeper.

Yes, the head groundskeeper at PETCO Park has a beekeeper on his speed dial, just for cases like the one we witnessed on Thursday, when a queen bee took up residence inside the jacket of a Padres ballgirl. For those of us who aren’t up on the life and stylings of bees, apparently, when mama bee finds her perch, her offspring find her. And they all like to hang out together, one one big frenzied lump.

So that was the issue…thousands of bees and their queen, swarming inside a ballgirls jacket in left field at PETCO park, while the Astros were batting in the ninth inning.

The delay lasted just under an hour, but the beekeeper, to his credit, made quick work of the bees once he arrived onto the scene. In fact, the process of ridding the ballpark of the Bee family took less than five minutes.

Geoff Blum, in a joking attempt to speed up the process, put a blue netted laundry bag over his head and volunteered to take care of the situation himself.

“It was driving us nuts,” Blum said of the delay. “We never seem to be able to get a game in on a getaway day under 3 1/2, four hours. That’s par for the course. That’s the way our season has been. You think you’ve seen it all in baseball, until this.”

The most bizarre part of this whole incident, however, may be the statement put out by Majestic Athletic, the official uniform of the Padres and the manufacturer of said ballgirl’s now defunct ballgirl jacket:

“To our knowledge this is the first time that bees have swarmed Majestic on-field MLB apparel.  We can only guess that the bees are attracted as Major League players to the warmth and comfort of our performance fabrics. 

“However, players and fans should rest assured that our product testing has shown no risk from swarming bees.

“We regret the inconvenience and Majestic will be providing the affected ball girl a replacement jacket shortly.”

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. And even if you did, sometimes reality is simply better than fiction.

The beekeeper:




This drew quite a bit of interest from your Astros.





Before the bee spectacle, Troy Aikman grabbed most the attention as the ceremonial first-pitch tosser before the game. Aikman is part owner of the Padres.


For those keeping score at home, he bounced it.



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Obviously the Queen Bee wanted to take a look at our Killer Bees!

I guess you had to bee there.

Aikman bounced it up there….I’m embarrassed for the guy. I’ve heard if you don’t use it, you lose it but c’mon.


Alyson, I have a question for you that would end a debate me and my wife have been having for some time now. It doesn’t relate to very much else in this post except the final picture of Troy Aikman just about to throw the first pitch. When the grounds crew prepares the pitching mound, what is that he is spraying on the rubber? My wife swears he is spray painting it white, but I said it had to be something else. Do you know? If you could tell us we would be very greatful. Thank you!

Why does the train engine at Minute Maid never move? It seems to me that it is always in the same spot………It did use to motor back and forth??

Sorry…….spelled your name wrong.

Jubbies — as far as I know the only thing they spray the mound with is water….

Scott — come to think of it, that train doesn’t seem to move much these days does it? Over the years, it would move up and down after a home run. Maybe they decided it was too much of a distracion. The horn still toots, however.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions, Ms. Footer! It is great to have someone so helpful available to actually interact with the fans of the team, and I know we all appreciate it very much!

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