Calling all foodies. Ask an Astro, and one more Rookie Road Trip blast from the past.

Too many cooks in the kitchen? Send them to the Astros, who are welcoming recipe ideas to add to the Minute Maid Park menu in 2010. If you have a recipe that would do well in a ballpark setting (translated: easy to prepare in large quantities), send your idea to Entries will be accepted through Sept. 5.

The winner will see his or her recipe sold at the ballpark next year and will win luxury suite tickets. The second and third place winners will win autographed Astros items.

Once we have all of the entries, a panel will select three fans that will be involved in a cook off on September 12.


Have a burning question for an Astros player? FS Houston is taking questions from fans for players to answer on a future show. Send your questions to and check back to see if yours was picked.


Rookie Road Trip, part two


Found another fun picture from a Rookie Road Trip from yesteryear. This one doesn’t fit the category of “Guess the Astro,” because even with the grainy quality of a picture taken by a disposable camera eight years ago, you can still see who’s who, for the most part.

Ricky Stone’s that blurry figure in the back left, standing behind Tim Redding (talking on the phone). That’s Carlos Hernandez next to him, and Roy Oswalt in the front. The two on the right are Scott Linebrink and Adam Everett. I’m trying to figure out who that is to the left of Linebrink. Considering this was September of 2001, I’m thinking maybe Wilfredo Rodriguez? He gave up Bonds’ 70th homer toward the end of that season. Anyone? Anyone?

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