Yes, Biggio was wearing a Red Sox t-shirt…but not the kind you think.

A couple of the pictures we posted from Craig Biggio’s Sunshine Kids party sparked a bit of controversy after fans read the “Red Sox” on his t-shirt…


…so I asked team photographer Stephen O’Brien to check to see if he had a close-up shot. Biggio was wearing a Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox t-shirt, from the Cape Cod League. Biggio is a Y-D Red Sox alum, having played for that team in 1986. Mystery solved.



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Keep up the good work! I’m really jealous of your ability to go to all the games, looks like a lot of fun. It’s great to see the behind the scene pics. We’ll get ’em next year.


Such a shame you would feel a need to clarify that. Geez.. people sometimes : )

Buz =

Geez, you’d think he could afford a new t-shirt. I have some from the 80’s, too, but they all got really small.

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