Temporary shuffle in the T.V. booth. J.D., we hardly knew ya.

Jim Deshaies will not be with the team this weekend in New York, so we thought we’d get the word out now rather than wait for the massive city-wide panic sure to set it when fans tune in to Astros game this weekend and don’t see their lovable TV analyst.

Deshaies will be attending his brother Patrick’s wedding this weekend, and because J.D. is actually in the wedding, he will have to be away from the Astros for all three games as they wrap up the 2009 season at brand new Citi Field.

Steve Sparks, the former knuckleball pitcher who you’ve seen quite a bit as an analyst on the pre- and postgame shows on FS Houston the last few years, will fill in for J.D. this weekend.

I haven’t been able to watch a lot of Sparks’ TV work for obvious reasons, but from what I hear he’s really good, especially while giving insight from a former pitcher perspective. In that respect, the transition should be seamless.

But don’t worry, J.D.’s absence is definitely temporary.

“I just want to remind fans that when Sparky proves to smarter, funnier, better prepared and more articulate than me, just keep in mind he had all season to prepare for this,” Deshaies said. “So go easy on me.”

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Sure sounds fishy missing all 3 days for a wedding that only takes one. Are you sure he isn’t heading back home early afterwards to interview for the manager’s position?

It had BETTER be temporary, there’s no replacing the BEST color analyst in HISTORY.

It is definitely temporary, and I can assure you there is no conspiracy theory! If JD is going to Houston to interview for the manager’s job, he’ll be the only one in the room…Tal and Ed are both on the PHI-NY trip.

I heard somewhere J.D. is actually in the wedding, maybe he said it himself, I forget. Which would mean there’s rehearsal dinners and such to deal with.

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