Line of the day comes from Ed Wade.

When you watch Ed Wade being interviewed on television you get the buttoned up version of the Astros GM, straightforward and deliberate speaker who likes to keep things business-like when he’s on the record.

But Wade has a sharp sense of humor and is known to come up with more than a few one-liners when he’s speaking off-the-cuff.

Wade summed up his feelings perfectly when discussing how round two of the managerial search will be much different from the first go-around.

“We’ve been open on this thing, but I don’t want it to get to the point of ‘Dancing With The Stars,'” Wade said to, referring to the reality TV show that votes off contestants as the program progresses.

In other words, the rest of the managerial search will be conducted privately. No more post-interview meetings with the media and no more lists of finalists made public (although I would imagine most of the names will leak eventually — that’s just how it works in today’s world).

The final two candidates were interviewed Monday — Red Sox bench coach Brad Mills and first base coach Tim Bogar. The next step will involve the search committee sitting down and narrowing the field of candidates. Wade has made it clear the next public announcement will be when they decide on a manager, and it’s anyone’s guess as to how long that process will take.

Brad Mills.


Tim Bogar.



Maybe Wade got his feelings hurt after we were all so angry over Jose. Since we’re not voting, pick Bogar. He’s the best of the bunch. Maybe HE’LL put Cruz back where he belongs. And Alyson, for the record, I think the personal attacks on you in other posts are uncalled for, and kinda bush-league. Keep up the good work (although I do miss the days when you would e-mail us directly, off the record. That was oftentimes your best stuff.)

Alright Bogar, you can give that guy his jacket back. Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The winner of the Best Dressed Award goes to…..Dave Clark.

A special thanks to Alyson for the photos.

Thanks Lefty, I appreciate the support. I’d be more than happy to answer every question candidly and you can always email me at I don’t mind the personal “attacks,” I have grown some pretty thick skin in the last 10 years. I understand how fans feel about Cheo. I also understand that it’s hard — impossible for some — to stop and wonder, just for a minute, if there just may have been some very valid reasons for making the change and giving him another position.

Austin — Clarkie defintely wins the best dressed category, hands down. You can’t go wrong with a tie, unless that tie belongs to Craig Sager.

I’m (not really) sorry for being so stubborn, but put me down in the “impossible” category. I can’t imagine a single valid reason. I’ll concede my intractable bias, I’ve only been a huge fan of Jose (and the Astros) for 34 years. He’s earned every bit of our loyalty. There is still hope, however fleeting. Whoever is the new manager, Jose should put in for the first base job. Take that, Tal.

I think the best man should get the job (first base coach). Baseball wise Cheo was a good player and a good coach. If they can find someone else to get the job done better hire him. If not, hire back Cheo………On to the manager: I think it’s between Melvin, Garner, and Yost. I like Yost for what he did with Milwaukee because we have a lot of young tallent coming up. Same reasoning for Melvin. My personal impression on Garner (and my opinion is worthless around here) is that he got tired after winning the NLCS. I say this because of all his remarks regaring being “re-energized.” The fan in me says hire Bogar but he’s too young and un-proven as a Major league Managaer. The next “fun” choice that I like is Garner. But I doubt Drayton is into second chances. If we go by previous History it’ll be Clark, because the Astros have a history of highering the bench coach as manager. But I’m putting vote on Yost. My picks in order: Yost, Garner, Melvin, Clark, Bogar.

Hey Sanbo- Both of our opinions have the same value then.😉
I have a feeling Acta will be selected as manager for the Indians. If the Astros are serious about him, they better beat the Indians to the punch. New list minus Acta: Melvin or Yost with Bogar as my long shot favorite. I’m still holding out hope that they pass on Garner.

Bogar should undoubtedly be the next manager, but the Astros are different. We should have hired Ron Gardenhire when we hired Jimy Williams. Ron had no major league managerial experience. He has won 5 of 8 division titles. We can make amends with Bogar, but we usually make incredibly stupid decisions – infantile decisions.

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