Round One wraps up today.

Two members of the Red Sox coaching staff — bench coach Brad Mills and first base coach Tim Bogar — will interview with the Astros today as the club wraps up its first round of managerial interviews. Then it’s on to round two, which theoretically could begin as early as later this week.

When the process began I figured the Astros would make an announcement regarding a managerial hire once the World Series ended. But the interviews are moving swiftly and you have to wonder if they might even want to have a decision made earlier. With so many offdays between the two League Championship Series and the World Series, there might be time to get this done. The World Series doesn’t start until Wed., Oct. 28.

That said, if Phillies bench coach Pete Mackanin is a finalist, and his team ends up winning the National League pennant, that might slow down the process.

Mackanin flew from Los Angeles to Houston on Saturday, stopping off long enough to interview before continuing on to Philadelphia, where his team had a day off between NLCS Games 2 and 3. Phil Garner had a much easier schedule, seeing he simply drove to Minute Maid Park from his home in The Woodlands.

You can read a full transcript of Garner’s meeting with the media here.


As soon as Garner walked into the interview room Saturday, I couldn’t help but notice he was wearing his National League championship ring. “Nice move,” I said. He laughed. Coincidence? I think not.


Pete Mackanin.

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Okay, I was pulling for dark horse Randy Ready, but I’m suddenly a 100% Brad Mills fan. Now I have to take a really deep breath (deep enough so I can hold it until I know for sure that we won’t trade Hunter Pence during this offseason.)

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