The 2010 Spring Training schedule is very favorable for the Astros vacationer.


Every year it seems as if the Astros play more road games on the weekends than home games during Spring Training. And when they were home on the weekends, it rarely coincided with spring break, which obviously is the most popular time for families to travel to Florida to take in some Grapefruit League baseball.

The Astros released their spring schedule on Friday, and there’s good news — the Astros are home parts or all of four weekends.

They’ll play a split squad with the Nationals at home on Saturday, March 13 (with part of the team traveling to play the Cardinals), and on Sunday the 14th, they’ll host the Braves.

The following weekend, they’re home against the Blue Jays (Friday, March 19), Yankees (Saturday, March 20) and Mets (Sunday, March 21). They’ll also be home the following weekend, hosting the Pirates (Friday, March 26) and Rays (Saturday, March 27).

Not a bad schedule, especially for those of you whose spring breaks fall in the middle of the month.

Astros Spring Training tickets will go on sale Saturday, Jan. 23 at 9 CT and can be purchased either online at, at the Osceola County Stadium box office (for home games only) or by telephone and in person at Florida Ticketmaster outlets.

Ticket prices for all but three games remain the same as 2009 — $22 for Dugout Box Seats, $20 for Outfield Box Seats. $18 for Upper Reserved Seats and $15 for Outfield Reserved Seats. For Yankees, Cardinals and Phillies — tabbed “premium games” — the ticket prices will be $25 for dugout, $23 for outfield box, $21 for upper reserved and $18 for outfield reserved.

Season tickets may be purchased now by calling (321) 697-3201. Season ticket prices are $436 for Dugout Box Seats, $398 for Outfield Box Seats, $360 for Upper Reserved Seats and $303 for Outfield Reserved Seats.

2010 Houston Astros Spring Training Schedule (subject to change, all times TBA)
Friday March 5 at Detroit
Saturday March 6 vs. Atlanta
Sunday March 7 at Atlanta
Monday March 8 vs. Toronto
Tuesday March 9 at Mets
Wednesday March 10 vs. Florida
Thursday March 11 at Washington
Friday March 12 at Toronto
Saturday March 13 vs. Washington (SS)
                             at St. Louis
Sunday March 14 vs. Atlanta
Monday March 15 OFF
Tuesday March 16 at Yankees
Wednesday March 17 vs. Washington
Thursday March 18 at Detroit
Friday March 19 vs. Toronto
Saturday March 20 vs. Yankees
Sunday March 21 vs. Mets
Monday March 22 vs. St. Louis
Tuesday March 23 at Pittburgh
Wednesday March 24 at Mets
Thursday March 25 at Philadelphia
Friday March 26 vs. Pittsburgh
Saturday March 27 vs. Tampa Bay
Sunday March 28 at Florida
Monday March 29 at Pittsburgh
Tuesday March 30 vs. Philadelphia
Wednesday March 31 at Atlanta
Thursday April 1 vs. Detroit
Friday April 2 vs. TBA at Minute Maid Park
Saturday April 3 vs. TBA at Minute Maid Park


Ms. Footer, you do a fantastic job for that I’m not sure they fully appreciate. On your blog, you have posted us the Spring Training schedule before it is available via the Schedule link on the main page. I must say I believe I speak for everyone when I tell you how much we all appreciate your dedication to the fans, even on a Friday afternoon in the middle of the offseason! I was also wondering if you were aware a recent blog suggested the next manager for the Astros should be you! Now that surely shows our appreciation for you! Keep up the great work😉

Premium Games? That’s nice Drayton, way to help out the fans in a tough economic time…

One more thing, I was wondering if you knew if J.D. and Dave planned to bring back the Excellent Offseason Adventure this year. I really enjoyed that last offseason.

Thanks jubbies…appreciate the comment. To answer your question, JD and Dave are not doing the show this year. Hopefully they’ll appear on the airwaves together during the offseason but right now there’s nothing scheduled.

I thought they weren’t but I guess I was just holding out some hope that they were just getting a late start. Probably because of all the no shows they had last year, or maybe it was the t-shirts….
Thanks for the info!

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