Myers takes over No. 3 starter spot on depth chart.


Brett Myers was adamant during his introductory press conference on Tuesday that he was taking nothing for granted, and that he will be trying out for a rotation spot just like everyone else.

But it’s safe to say that Myers, who signed a deal worth a guaranteed $3.1 million for 2010, with a mutual option for ’11 worth $8 million (a buyout is worth $2 million), was not brought to the Astros with an off chance to crack the starting five. Myers is here because he not only fills a big hole in the Astros’ rotation, but he can, based on history, contribute the number of innings that earns pitchers “workhorse” status.

Still, I do admire his humility. “I’m going to have to earn that spot,” he said. “It’s always been that way. I’ve always liked a fight, liked a challenge. This is no different.”

Assistant GM Dave Gottfried, who helped complete the Myers signing and was pinch-hitting for the absent Ed Wade, was a little more pointed with his view of where Myers fits in.

“We have Roy (Oswalt) and Wandy (Rodriguez), and he’ll slot in after that,” Gottfried said. (Wade is in Phoenix for MLB meetings, by the way.) “He’ll push the young guys and it would be great if he pushes Roy and Wandy too. The rotation just got a whole lot better.”

I spoke with Wade on Monday about Myers and the rotation in general, and it’s clear that Bud Norris, Brian Moehler and Felipe Paulino will compete for the last two spots. Other suitors for starting jobs include Yorman Bazardo, Wesley Wright and Wilton Lopez.

Wade mentioned that he spoke with Moehler the night they signed Myers, and assured Moehler that nothing was set in stone and that he had not even begun talking with manager Brad Mills and pitching coach Brad Arnsberg about the makeup of the rotation for 2010.

Moehler, as expected, was not upset with the Myers signing. The exact opposite, in fact.

“He said he just wants to win, and that Myers make us a better team,” Wade said.

If Moehler is not one of the starting five, he’ll move to the ‘pen, where he can offer his versatility as a middle and long reliever.

Some random shots from Tuesday’s press conference, introducing Myers:

Myers with Asst. GM Dave Gottfried.


Tal Smith, Myers, Gottfried


After the formal introduction, Myers granted more personal interviews with reporters.


Crowd shot…media and front office. In the front you can spot Asst. GMs Ricky Bennett (left) and Bobby Heck (right) with Myers’ wife, Kim, sitting in between them.


Lots of photographers at this press conference.


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Regarding the domestic violence issues associated with Brett Myers, Tal Smith is reported in the Chronicle as saying

“We did our due diligence,” Astros president of baseball operations Tal Smith said. “We talked to the Phillies, we talked to Brett, and we’re satisfied this isn’t going to be an ongoing problem. ”

However, when Julio Lugo was let go for the same issue in 2003, President, Business Operations Pam Gardner said,

“My first reaction is how our organization deals with this and I was proud that our organization dealt with it in the way it did,” Gardner said. “We made a statement how we deal not with just domestic violence but violence of any kind.”

“It’s unacceptable. We clearly stated that and I’m proud of that.”

Do the Astros intend to address the difference between how they have handled Brett Myers’ situation and how they dealt with Julio Lugo? The Astros organization seems to be moving away from the “Root for the Good Guys” image.

I’m going to pull for Myers – he’s an Astro now – but I hope when we say he’s going to be a “workhorse” we are not taking about the same concept of the way that Jason Jennings and a few other recent free agent pitcher signings who have been busts were called “innings eaters.” I never heard that term before Jennings, but I do not like the idea of having a pitcher who just tries to survive for enough innings so that the bullpen doesn’t get worn out. I realize that pitchers like Roy Oswalt and Craig Reynolds are pretty rare, but I’ve always favored pitchers who “ate innings” by attacking hitters, not just trying to limit the damage until the later innings.

Um, bh@, while Craig Reynolds did indeed pitch AN inning ONCE for the Stros in a monster extra inning game, I think you prob’ly meant Shane. And I agree with the “inning eater” concept being a poor substitute for guys who can go deep because they’re getting outs without lots of pitches……..if that’s the best that can be said about a starter, then I’m already dubious. Having said that, I think Myers can bring some spark that needs to be there since Cooper managed to squash out so much last year………jury remains out on Myers.

And I gotta say that the term ‘domestic violence’ has been perverted to denote so broad a spectrum of non-domestic incidents that it no longer addresses the specific type of recurring abusive behavior that it once did and intended to highlight. I’ve seen and heard much about an isolated incident, but I haven’t seen anything about any kind of ongoing issues with Myers. If he’s handling his issues to the point that a very public marriage can survive what his has, then let him continue to show he’s changed by demonstration.

You’re right, gijoestros, I meant Shane. Good catch.

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