Milo, Norris on Astroline together. But only one is the King of Baseball.

Bud Norris has been through a full Major League Spring Training with the Astros, but this year, things will be decidedly different for the 24-year-old right-hander.

A year ago, the California-born Norris, who recently bought a townhouse in Houston, was considered by the front office as a possible future closer. Heading into 2010, however, he’ll be looked at to fill a dire need in a rotation that has a few options but could certainly use a young arm.

He spent two months in the big leagues in 2009 and was shut down with only one or two starts remaining in the season, not because of injury, but because the club is looking for long-term preservation instead of short-term results.

“(General manager Ed (Wade) and (former manager Cecil Cooper) decided it was for the best,” Norris said during his recent appearance on Astroline, the club’s weekly radio show. “I dealt with my workload. My body was getting tired, but it was definitely for precautionary reasons. I wanted to be out there with my teammates and helping them, but at the same token, I knew that for the future, it was something that was needed.”

Norris was Milo Hamilton’s guest on Astroline, which airs every Wednesday on KTRH 740 a.m. and on and takes place live at Sherlock’s Baker St. Pub on West Gray in Houston. Little did we know, a fun sideshow unfolded at the same time, thanks to Hamilton’s recent honor at the Winter Meetings as the “King of Baseball.” He was given a trophy, in addition to the full King garb — cape, crown and scepter. Enjoy the imagery.

(Programming note — next week’s Astroline guest will be Geoff Blum, followed by Craig Biggio on Jan. 27 and Michael Bourn on Feb. 4)

King Milo and Bud Norris


Bud signed autographs during commercial breaks.


Getting ready to go on the air


On the air


Milo’s garb even attracted the local news…


…not to mention the fans!  

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I hope Bud tears it up this year! I’m really looking forward to watching this kid pitch!!! As for Milo………I’m quite sure
we will ALL hear about how wonderful he is, everytime he
gets a chance to toot his own horn.

You always leave such great pictures for us to see which i appreciate! I’m sure he’ll do well for your club. You know I always check by to see what Darin Erstad is doing🙂 He’s very important to the Angels and still is! Congrats on Meyers

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