Major League Baseball players come in all shapes and sizes. They have an array of personalities, from serious and reserved to fun-loving and carefree. There are the intellectuals and the pranksters, the high-intensity veterans and the high-energy rookies.

We watch them play every day, and sometimes it’s hard to remember they’re not robots, but instead, people with thoughts, interests, families and insights, just like the rest of us.

With that, we introduce you to a new Twitter account to follow: PumaOneLiners. This will be solely dedicated to quotes from your Astros, ranging from the funny witticisms to postgame comments from the clubhouse and anything we pick up in between.

It’s obviously named after our resident hilariously funny superstar, Lance Berkman, who named himself Big Puma a few years ago when he grew tired of the “Fat Elvis” label. By naming the Twitter account after Puma, we’re saluting our beloved first baseman and all of the laughs he’s provided over the years. But PumaOneLiners won’t be limited to just Berkman witticisms. We’ll draw from everyone — the players, manager, coaches and, of course, our broadcasters, whose senses of humor are displayed nightly on the airwaves.

Through Twitter and Facebook and, we have endless avenues to give you minute-by-minute insider access to all things Houston Astros. We hope you’ll find PumaOneLiners equal parts entertaining and revealing. Hop on, and enjoy the ride!


I have always kinda’ liked that “Twinkie” nickname given Berkman by Cubs fans. And, he seemed to like it. :o)

Here’s a funny one liner for you: “I can’t believe that guy’s name is Underpants” (my cousin Jon, after mishearing me make a comment about Hunter Pence)

YES. Love Puma, this sounds fun.

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