Astros players, their wives and moms wear Pink in the Park.


When Brad Mills was hired by the Astros last year, a Boston writer friend of mine predicted that Red Sox manager Terry Francona “will be lost without him.”

Not that Francona wouldn’t be able to manage the team without Mills, but when it came to keeping things organized in a nice, orderly fashion, it was, loosely estimated, 99 percent Mills’ doing and one percent Francona’s.

So it came as no surprise when Ronda Mills revealed on Thursday that at home, her husband is the “family list-maker.” And, she added, “He likes to stick to the list.”

Ronda Mills enjoyed her first introduction to a portion of the Astros fan base when she sat down with Brad Mills and Lance Berkman for a question-and-answer session at the annual Pink in the Park Bazaar and Luncheon at Union Station. The event, attended by more than 300 patrons, raised money for The Methodist Cancer Center and the Houston affiliate of Susan G. Komen For The Cure through the Astros In Action Foundation.

The festivities began with a shopping bazaar on the main concourse at Minute Maid Park, featuring numerous local boutiques and unique fashion designers. The luncheon that followed included a get-to-know-you session with the skipper and his wife, moderated by the always-entertaining Berkman.

Most agreed that Ronda Mills stole the show by providing funny anecdotal information about her husband, whom the city of Houston is still getting to know. It also helped the Puma was the one asking the questions. As expected, he interjected his own comments, Phil Donahue style. (Lance: “How did you and Brad meet?” Ronda: “I noticed Brad in the second or third grade…” Lance: “Did he have hair?”)

To further illustrate her husband being a stickler for detail, Ronda recalled his gift to her for one of their anniversaries, early in their marriage.

“He took me this fancy restaurant and he brought this gold box out,” Ronda said. “I couldn’t wait to see what it was. I opened the box and it was a 10-year planner, with 10-minutes increments.”

The Millses indeed have a long history together. They first met as kids growing up in California.

“Our families were friends,” Ronda said. “Our parents knew each other well.” Berkman: “So this was an arranged marriage?”

Ronda, who stands nearly six feet tall, had her eye on Brad from the get-go, but the problem was, her eye and his eye didn’t quite meet. She was several heads taller than him when they were in junior high, and she remembers saying to her mother, “Do you think he’s ever going to grow?”

When they got to high school, “I noticed he’d grown as tall as me,” Ronda said. “And we’ll be married 32 years in August.”

Berkman also interviewed Chris Sampson, his wife, Heather, and his mom, Linda.

“When I met Chris, I turned to a friend and said, ‘That’s my husband. That’s who I’m going to marry,'” Heather recalled.

“That’s what Cara (his wife) said about me,” Berkman barbed. “I said, ‘Woman, back off.'”

Watch the video highlights here.


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Mother’s Day is still a couple of weeks away, but it’s never too early to celebrate Mom…enjoy the pictures from Thursday’s event.

Puma and the Millses


The Pumas, also known as Lance and Cara Berkman.


Michael Bourn and his mother, Carrie.


Bud Norris.



Ed Wade, Brad Mills


Chris Sampson, Cory Sullivan, Tommy Manzella, JR Towles


Jeff and Kerry Fulchino.


Gloria Moore (Jason Michaels’ mother-in-law), Milo Hamilton, Pamela Michaels)


Pamela and Jason Michaels, Gloria Moore.


Paola and Felipe Paulino


Humberto and Michelle Quintero, and Humberto’s mother, Nelly.


Chris and Heather Sampson, right, with their moms, Lindsay and Linda.


Brittany and JR Towles and JR’s mom, Ellie.


Wandy Rodriguez, Sammy Gervacio.


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I wonder how many of MLB’s fans and players are aware that part of the money donated to Susan G. Komen Foundation is granted to Planned Parenthood who performs approximately 1/3 of the 1 million plus abortions done in the US annually. Fully 1/3 of the babies aborted this year will be black and none will ever get to play ball or walk for a cure. Know what your money supports.

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