Behind every good man is a woman rolling her eyes. Astros wives are ready to dish.

The term “baseball wives” doesn’t always garner a positive reaction, given the general stereotypes that often follow women who are married to privileged athletes. But the truth is, most wives of ballplayers are dynamic, educated and interesting in their own right.

We’ve got a good group of Astros wives on the team this year, and three of them have agreed to participate in a seminar titled “Behind Every Man…” before Friday’s game against the Padres.

The seminar, part of the week-long Pink in the Park celebration, will take place in the Union Station Atrium (near Lefty’s) from 6-6:30 p.m. CT and will feature Morgan Keppinger, Pamela Michaels and Michelle Quintero. Sunny 99.1’s Dana Tyson will host the session, and later, she’ll be in the View Deck I seating section, where specially-priced tickets are being sold for $9.91.

But wait…there’s more! We’re hosting two seminars during that hour. The second will feature women from the front office in a session named “Women in Baseball,” hosted by FS Houston’s Patti Smith. I’ll be participating that roundtable discussion, which will also take place in the Union Station atrium, from 6:30 to 7. Please stop by! (I’m begging you).


Rookie ballplayers aren’t the only ones hazed during their first year in the big leagues. Clubhouse kids are also the target of a little humorous humiliation, and while year after year you hear of the same tricks played on these poor guys, it never seems to get old.

Some of the more well-known tricks: sending a batboy to the boiler room to get a bucket of steam…sending them on a wild goose chase looking for the keys to the batter’s box…that kind of stuff. On Thursday, the Astros were initiating a new clubhouse worker and the poor kid spent part of his afternoon searching for two items:

1) A bucket of curveballs
2) Laces for the left shoe (apparently, Dennis only had right shoelaces).


Scoring change

You know things aren’t going well for the Astros when even the few hits they have gotten this lately are taken away from them…two weeks later.

The scenario: April 23 against the Pirates. Sixth inning. No outs, Astros up 1-0. With Michael Bourn on first, Jeff Keppinger bunted and reached safely due to an errant throw by the third baseman. Keppinger ended up on second and Bourn was safe at third.

The official scorer ruled the play a base hit and an E5. The Astros scored three runs that inning — all earned and charged to the pitcher.

The Pirates appealed the ruling, and the league eventually overturned the scorer’s decision. The committee that reviewed the play decided that a base hit and E5 was incorrect and that giving Keppinger a sac hit with an E5 would also be incorrect.

Instead, the play was changed to a straight E5, which does two things: takes a hit away from Keppinger, and turns all of the runs scored that inning into unearned runs.

Keppinger disagrees with the ruling, arguing that he should have, at the very least, been awarded a sacrifice bunt.

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When they told him to get a bucket of curveballs, he should have told them “as soon as you get me a bucket of grips.”

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