Feeeeeeeeeel the hits. Seeeeeeeeeee the ball.

The Astros’ clubhouse prior to their game on Wednesday reminded me less of a big league locker room and more of those swanky, dimly-lit nightclubs I avoided like the plague in my 20s.

As soon as batting practice ended, the players retreated to the clubhouse, where the lights were lowered and the stereo was pumped up…to Enya, that new-age group from the 1990s that no sane Major League player would want to listen to. Unless, of course, that Major League team was trying to end a horrific losing streak and find some sort of life in their slumbering bats.

The song “Orinoco Flow” probably doesn’t ring a bell, but it’s mistakenly referred to as “Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away.” This video will probably jog the memory.

Were the Astros looking for homers? Nah. Clutch base hits? Not so much.

“Think passed ball with Bournie on third,” Geoff Blum bellowed. “Balk. Error. Negatives are positives.”

Turns out, it was a clutch hit that won the game, but from an unlikely suspect — homerless Carlos Lee, who belted a two-run walkoff shot to the Crawford Boxes that gave the Astros a 4-2 victory.

Following four songs by Enya, during which time I felt myself nodding off (and not just because of the allergy medicine I pumped myself with before arriving to work), the tunes changed over to Metallica and then Alabama. But something tells me we’ll be hearing Enya again on Thursday. I’m hoping for Johnny Cash.


Turning back the clock again, sort of.

The live organist who played during the Turn Back the Clock Day last month was such a big hit  that the Astros have decided to make it a regular Sunday feature.

They’ll use the same Vintage Hammond Organ that they used during Turn Back the Clock Night, and the organist for the remainder of the season will be Jim Connors. Jim played in the Dome from 1984-1987 and was a referral from Brian Granquist, who played on the Turn Back the Clock Day.

Jim was Brian’s predecessor back in the day.


Calling all college students

When I was in college, I was recommended by my journalism professor for an internship with the Reds, and as excited as I was to apply, I was slightly disheartened that I couldn’t get past the switchboard ladies to actually speak to someone who was making the decisions.

Back then, of course, there was no internet. These days, the process is a lot easier and the opportunities have improved 100-fold.

The Astros employ dozens of interns every year and are currently filling openings for their fall internships. Those who participate in this hands-on experience will be more prepared for a career in sports. Trust me, it’s the single best way to break into the business.

For more information on the program, including the scholarship and steps to apply, please visit www.astros.com/internships.

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Fantastic news on the Sunday organ music !!!

Fantastic news on the Sunday organ music !!!

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