Tough times for Astros as the losses pile up.

I probably don’t need to say this out loud, because you can probably figure this out on your own, but the Astros clubhouse was silent after Saturday’s loss in Cincinnati. The kind of silence that usually sparks the old cliche “You could hear a pin drop.” Almost two months into the season, the team continues to search for answers, and it’s doubly frustrating now, because not only is the offense continuing to sputter, but the pitching is failing them as well.

Tough times for the Astros, for sure. They used to dominate in Cincinnati, rarely losing here for the better part of a decade, whether they were playing at the old Riverfront Stadium (known in its later years as Cinergy Field) or at the newer Great American Ball Park. Now, they’re on a nine-game losing streak in Cincinnati, which only a couple of years ago would seem impossible, considering Roy Oswalt’s and Lance Berkman’s absolute dominance at this place and against this team.

The Astros are struggling, no doubt, and it didn’t help that they ran into a red-hot Reds team that seemingly can do no wrong. They’ve absolutely pummeled your Astros in the last two days, having outscored them 27-8.

Brian Moehler took full responsibility for the loss and didn’t tip toe around the obvious.

“My location was just terrible,” he said. “I left some balls over the plate and they didn’t miss them. I felt completely fine, but I just had poor location.”

So now it’s up to Felipe Paulino. Now would be the perfect time to get that first win of the season. A complete game would help, too. Just sayin’.


Not a lot to laugh about these days, but I did get a kick out of this image before batting practice. Oswalt might just have found a new career once he’s gotten this pitching thing out of his system:


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NOT A PRETTY PICTURE TONIGHT!!! I’ve got a “gut” feeling
someone is going to get fired, when this team limps back
into town……and it ain’t gonna be pretty. This has just got to stop! This group of guys are bleeding out of every orifice
of their bodies! Alyson……you’re with them alot. What are
they saying? I can’t put any blame on Mills, he’s about the ONLY bright spot on this team.

I’m a little confused in regards to Mills logic so far…. It seems like he always punishes people for good games. Lee went 2-5 with several RBIs and the next game he gets sat. Today, Pence is batting 5th and .230 Berkman is batting 3rd. I don’t get it. If they aren’t producing, you can’t leave them in key spots like that. Pence is producing, leave him at 3rd. Drop Lee somewhere buried in the line-up, Q is batting better than him.

But i suppose i don’t really know the logic or planning behind it all. Feliz is finally being sat, so that brightens my day a little… You’re not out of it ‘stros!!!!!!

hope you had fun being home for a sec, directrix.
this too shall pass, and ornery stros fans will still be around when it has……
curious, is roy keeping his head up, and are the players reacting positively to his statements over the last couple of weeks? i might get pummeled for saying this, but sometimes leadership manifests itself most effectively in saying what has to be said regardless of the reaction and its comfort level. i suspect he and lance are both at that point, although part of their leadership is that they’re not saying what they’re saying for its calculated effects on other players, they’re just saying it because it needs to be said.
he looked pretty justified in being perturbed today too, he’s not getting much consistency in strike zone. peace from the Great NorthWet.

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