Luis Gonzalez is larger than life. Quite literally.


The Diamondbacks added a feature to their home games this season, and immediately, it soared to the top of my list of favorite between-inning gimmicky events designed to entertain the crowd in some of the road ballparks we visit.

Maybe it’s because Luis Gonzalez was my very first favorite Astros player when I moved to Houston in 1997. Maybe it’s because this thing looks so much like Randy Johnson that if it wasn’t made of 10 feet of foam, you’d think it was really him.

The Diamondbacks Legends Race takes place at the end of the fifth inning and features likenesses of four D-backs legends: Gonzo, Johnson, Matt Williams and Mark Grace. It is similar to the Sausage Race in Milwaukee and the Pierogi Race in Pittsburgh, but as funny as those races are, this one has a little something extra special. It’s probably the size exaggerated size of those gigantic heads, plus the fact that they really do look like the Dbacks legends they’re meant to portray. (For those of you old enough to remember the movie Ghostbusters, this has a very Stay Puff Marshmallow Man feel to it.)

If we had this in Houston, I’m thinking a Bagwell-Biggio-Dierker-Cruz foursome could do some serious between-innings damage. Bagwell’s foam head could sport his signature goatee, while Biggio’s could have a grin that takes up his whole face. Cruz’s would have long wavy black hair and Dierker’s could simply stand seven feet taller than everyone else.










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Alyson, you need to take this to Drayton. Sauce packets are beyond ridiculous and stupid. The fans want a giant foam Biggio and Bagwell running around the field.

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