Astros alumni are holding autograph session on Sunday. Dierker, Wynn, Brocail and many more.

The Astros are holding an Astros Alumni Autograph Session on Sunday, Sept. 19.  The session will begin at 12 p.m. and last until 2 p.m. They’ll be presented in groups of three, to sign for 20 minutes each. 

The booth will be located in the Astros Authentics area (near Goya).  This is free to the all fans that stop by.  So far, the alumni players scheduled to attend include:

Anthony Young
Benny Distefano
Bill Heath
Billy Smith
Bob Aspromonte
Brian Williams
Doug Brocail
Enos Cabell
Eric Anthony
Eric Yelding
Gerald Young
Glenn Wilson
James Mouton
Jerry Mumphrey
Jimmy Wynn
JR Richard
Kevin Bass
Larry Dierker
Mike Jackson
Mike Simms
Ryan Bowen
Scipio Spinks
Xavier Hernandez

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