Baseball Dinner and Caravan highlight a busy week

When the 2011 caravan concludes in a couple of weeks, the Astros will have visited more than a dozen cities, talked to hundreds of kids and signed countless amounts of autographs for fans in just about every market considered “Astros territory.”

This week ended with visits to Katy Elementary and the Brookwood Community, in addition to the annual Baseball Dinner, honoring the best players from the 2010 season.

Though they fly under the public radar, the Astros community development department should be commended. These folks have the caravan running like a well-oiled machine, sticking to the schedule and shuffling players in and out of town with perfect timing. Somehow, they’re not a minute late to any scheduled appearance so far have had not one issue with players forgetting where they need to be, or what time they need to be there. I don’t know how they do it, but that’s probably why they’re in charge and the rest of us just follow instructions.

Anyhoo…here’s the pictorial rundown of the week that was (and still is)…

Katy Elementary

Bill Hall, Hunter Pence


Lots and lots and lots of Katy students.


Dave Raymond interviews one lucky student


Bobby Meacham, Hall, Pence



Brookwood Community



Pence with Brookwood residents


Baseball dinner

Astros Rookie of the Year Chris Johnson with his mom, Karen.


Drayton McLane, Hunter Pence, Chris Johnson


A bearded Brett Myers talks to the media before the banquet.


Brad Mills, Chris Johnson







My son Ryan is pictured above shaking Hunter Pence’s hand. He has been on cloud 9 for the past 24 hours. We are so appreciative of the whole group that showed up to Katy Elementary. Their words of hard work and words of wisdom will not be forgotten. Ryan will remember that visit forever. We are looking forward to the season starting and going to a game. Thanks again for placing this on your blog!!

Alyson……..I absolutly LOVE these strories, and pictures!
I’m counting down the days, only one month till the pitchers
and catchers report! YEA!!!!!! I’m not expecting the Astros
to win thw World Series, but I just love seeing the “wide
eyed” rookies get a chance! Winter is nearly over here in
Houston, and spring training is knocking at the door! Tell
Brett and Dave we’ll be waiting to hear them on the radio!
THANKS!!! Becky:) :):)🙂

Tell Hunter that he should shave before these things.

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