Food and buses. Such is life in the big leagues.


Caravans involve plenty of visits to hospitals, schools and military bases, but the time in between stops involves two things: riding on a bus, and eating.

All things being equal, I think the traveling party can agree the “party bus” we’re on during this tour through Central Texas is the way to go. We’re definitely not as exciting as a bachelor or wedding party, but I can see where this environment would be conducive to such events. Plenty of room, lots of TVs, a bathroom and a refrigerator to keep the bottled water cold.


We’ve been given some fantastic recommendations for restaurants as well. On Tuesday, we had lunch at Salt Lick Barbecue near the Dell Diamond in Round Rock, and today, we had lunch at Threadgills — another fine southern-style establishment with a huge home-cookin’ menu.


Getting up early, driving a couple of hours a day, eating too much…come to think of it, this is good practice for Spring Training.


Really enjoying your blog and your tweets.
You’re living the dream on that caravan.
You may remember me from the days of the Astros’ affiliation with the New Orleans Zephyrs. From 1993-2006 I published a printed newsletter called Bleacher Creature, which chronicled, among other things, the opening of Zephyr Field back in 1997. You were kind enough to do a short feature on the new ballpark and our newsletter in the Astros’ program back then, which helped our circulation in both New Orleans and Houston. Those were fun days. Jay Miller was our GM, and we were routinely setting attendance records.
We closed the Bleacher Creature after the 2006 season.
Good luck in the new season.
Bill Catalanello

Must be awesome to ride around on a bus like that with Brownie, I’m sure he has tons of great stories to tell from his years of calling ballgames.

In a bus like this, I?d be happy to tour the entire country! Correct me if I?m wrong, but I don?t remember the tour bus being that nice before. I seem to remember pictures of Bourn listening to his Ipod on what looked like a normal bus, either last year or two years ago. Maybe it was that time when y’all’s bus broke down.

Bill, I most definitely remember you! Those were fun days, I agree. Technology wasn’t like it is today, which wasn’t such a bad thing sometimes. Hope all is well with you.

Renaudtn, you are correct, the bus that we take to Temple (which is where that Bourn footage was) is just a normal bus, whereas the Central Texas trip is where we use the party bus. Not sure why we have different transportation for different trips.


Oh I remember when the bus broke down. The infamous “check engine” light came on and everyone was ribbing Alyson about it. Come to find out the temp gauge joined in the party and that is actually reason for alarm.

-Austin (one who HATES check engine lights)

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