Video board installation complete. Bring on Opening Day.


You have to feel at least a tiny bit of empathy for the members of the team from Daktronics that installed the Astros’ new video board. They probably figured they were going to have a nice, pleasant week of typical Houston winter weather while working on this gigantic project —
temps in the 50s or 60s, light winds, probably at least a little sun peeking through.

Oops. While Houston isn’t suffering nearly as much as our friends up north, the drastic drop in temperature over the last 24 hours has made this one chilly town. And on Wednesday, as the last piece of the 90-something piece video board went up, the mercury on the
thermometer had not yet passed 25 degrees.

Nonetheless, the ceremonial installation of the final piece of the world’s largest puzzle was complete by noon, while many of the front office, including Ed Wade and Tal Smith and their staff, watched with admiration from the field.

Kudos to Daktronics and their installation team for a job well done. (And for giving us an excuse to hold a barbecue celebration in the 5/7 Grille after it was over. When all else fails, just eat cake.)


Video board (s) bare facts:

*Located in right field
*54 feet high x 124 feet wide
*Square Pixels: 1,080 feet (h) x 2,472 feet(w)
*High Definition Quality
*Total Square Footage: 6,695 (approximately)
*Fourth-largest video board in MLB (3rd in NL)

*Located in left field
*24 feet high x 40 feet wide
*Square Pixels: 480 feet (h) x 792 feet(w)
*High Definition Quality

*Located above club level, spanning from foul pole to foul pole
*997 feet in length (3 feet, 8 inches high)
*Square Pixels: 14,940 feet(w) x 54 (h)

And the pictures, play-by-play style…






And we’re done!


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Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Looks good–now if only the Astros would put a flag on the outfield wall that is missing–the 1981 2nd Half West Division champions–the forgotten Astros playoff team. 2011 is the 30th anniversary of that playoff club–too bad they lost the last three games of the best of five to the Dodgers. The 1981 boys would have then played Montreal and most likely would have gone to the World Series. But for some reason that team has NEVER been recognized. No banners, no flags, nothing. Sad really.

Alyson – just a thought…superimpose a picture of the old scoreboard, on top of the new one, or post pictures of them side by side

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