Pence is auctioning off his Twitter profile, for charity.

Last season, Hunter Pence took the Twitterverse by storm, and over time, we’ve grown accustomed to the flurry of activity that populates his Twitter account, @hunterpence9. He uses the forum to communicate with fans, give updates on his career and, most recently, raise money for charitable causes.

Pence is currently participating in TwitChange, where celebrities auction off their Twitter profiles for charity. Fans bit on a follow, retweet or mention and a package of all three. Hunter is also adding an autographed ball to the winner of each auction.

Pence’s charity of choice is Operation Once in a Lifetime, whose mission is to make the dreams of U.S. Soldiers and their families come true by providing free financial and morale support to U.S Service members, their families and veterans.

There is still time to put in a bid, but the auction ends Saturday. Here is Pence’s TwitChange page, where you can start bidding now:

For a complete list of celebrities participating in TwitChange, check this out :  (Pence is about halfway down, on the right.)

Speaking of Twitter, Astros radio announcer Brett Dolan is the first of the club’s broadcasting team to hop on the Twitter bandwagon, and he’s already amassed over 300 followers. Brett’s funny and entertaining, and he’s going to be tweeting through Spring Training and the regular season. All good news for Astros fans. Give him a follow at @astrosradio for a bird’s-eye view of life in the broadcasting booth.

We also have a Spanish twitter account, @losastros, in addition our English-speaking Astros Twitter account, @astrosblast.

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