Links from the first day of Astros camp, media-style.

The first week of Spring Training typically is the busiest for a team in terms of media. While beat writers are in it for the long haul — all 44 days — television stations and columnists usually come through for anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Houston has always had a pretty tame media market, but the usual suspects are in Kissimmee this week —’s Brian McTaggart, the Chronicle’s Zachary
Levine and Richard Justice and KRIV’s Mark Berman. Here’s what they had to say (and write) after pitchers and catchers worked out for the first time in Kissimmee, Fla.: – McTaggart

Despite pending sale, Drayton McLane says it’s business as usual:

After a long, cold winter (even for those who live in Houston), the Astros were ready to hit the fields

(A lot of high picks from the 2008 and ’09 drafts are in camp this year, and while most are still a year or two from the Majors — although I think we’ll be hearing from RHP Jordan Lyles sooner than later — it’s great that they’re getting exposure to big league Spring Training. While there are a lot of things teams can do to mess up a young, developing player — bring him up too early, build up too many innings on his arm, etc., there are absolutely no risks or
drawbacks to bringing a kid to big league camp. The exposure to veteran players and learning how things work up here can only be a positive. That’s good news for Jiovanni Mier and J.D. Martinez and their contemporaries.)

News and notes: unsurprisingly, Hunter Pence is here early. And he’s not the only one.

(Funny side note — as I was leaving work yesterday, I stopped in the clubhouse lunchroom to grab a bottle of water and ran into Pence, who is, to put it lightly, a little excited about the addition of granola to this year’s spring training culinary options. He was so thrilled that he held up the bowl and said, “tweet this.” So I did. Here’s the photo.)


Spring Training, Day One, through the camera lens

As long as I can remember, Chronicle photographer Karen Warren was a staple at every Spring Training, until a few years ago, when her schedule changed and her trips to Kissimmee became more infrequent (and, for a few years, ceased completely). This year, we were all pleased to see veteran photog back at Spring Training, snapping away. You can check out Karen’s work here.

Chron links:

Justice explains how the Astros are laying the groundwork now for more fruitful times in the future.

With Roy Oswalt gone, Brett Myers is now the most experienced pitcher on the staff. Levine explores why Myers wants to lead, but doesn’t want to be called “Ace.”

From the video corner:
Footnotes: sights and sounds from Day One of Spring Training

KRIV: Drayton McLane meets and greets the team on report day

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