Need Astros-Red Sox tickets? Might want to check out this one-day offer.

If you’re looking for a way to score Opening Day tickets and tickets to one of the games with the Red Sox in July, the Astros have a new offer on the table that you might find helpful.

They’re holding a one-day sale on Monday, where you can purchase the Opening Day 6-game plan for the price of five games. The plan includes the Home Opener (April 8 vs. Marlins), plus your choice of one game against each of these opponents: Mets, Rangers, Red Sox,Giants and Cardinals.

The plans start at $35 and this appears to be your best way to secure tickets for what will likely be the two most sought-after spots on the schedule: Opening Day, and the Interleague series against the Red Sox.

Again, this sale is taking place on Monday, and Monday only. Here’s the link that explains the promotion, and that will the same link you’ll need to go to when the sale begins.


Our blog software appears to have hit some technical difficulties, so the pictures I planned to post today will have to wait until Sunday. Thanks for your patience and please check back for all of the up-to-date images from Kissimmee. Thank you!

(UPDATE 8:33 ET: we’re up and running again)

I asked our Community Development folks the exact name of the autograph session they held at the ballpark Friday and Saturday, and the best we could come up with is the Annual Houston Astros Company-wide, All-encompassing Mass Autograph Session. Or something like that.

In layman’s terms, the Astros have thousands of items shipped to their spring home every year, and for two days, players are asked to drop by, sit at a station designated just for them, and sign, sign, sign.

How many items needed to be signed? To be exact: 3,997. The breakdown: 2,749 balls, 108 bats, 120 jerseys, 1,020 cards.

Most of the items will be used for auctions, grab bags, charitable donations and fundraising for the Astros in Action Foundation. They’ll also need some for sponsorship, marketing and in-game promotions.

An increase in fundraising and charitable giving in recent years and caused the number of items needed to be signed to spike considerably. In 2008, they had 1,340 items signed. In 2009, 1,461.

So, if you win a prize this season, or buy something in a silent auction, it probably was signed here:

That’s Mark Melancon all by himself in the middle of the room:

Bud Norris


Wandy Rodriguez


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Hmmmmm, Wandy signing with his right hand….

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