Chris Johnson (@cjastros23) is tweeting. Who’s next?


It all started last week, when I asked fans to tweet their non-baseball questions for Chris Johnson for our weekly feature, “Focus Friday.”

One of our more loyal followers, @MissSadieK, asked of our third baseman: “Will you ever become a member of our Twitter family?” CJ said he didn’t know much about “The Twitter,” or how to set it up, but he would give a try if someone would show him how to do it.

Done. After batting practice in Viera on Monday, we got him all squared away, first with his Twitter name, @cjastros23, and next with his first tweet: “As promised I am now a member of the twitter family! Spring training game time at Nationals! Let’s get to work!”

As you’ve probably gathered from the stories and blogs you’ve read, Johnson is a lot of fun, a total hoot, and I would imagine he’ll provide a lot of entertainment (and hopefully some baseball insight too) through his tweets. He’s also a die-hard Duke fan and is very happy to have a new communication tool through which to express himself throughout tournament season.

Johnson is the third current Astro to join the Twitterverse. Hunter Pence (@HunterPence9) and Ryan Rowland-Smith (@hyphen18) are the other two. Hopefully you’ll give all three a follow.


It’s actually @hyphen18, no underscore =)

Thank you Corinne! For whatever reason I have butchered that Twitter name every which way imaginable. Not sure why this one is not sticking in the memory bank🙂

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