Random notes: TwitterTuesday, Astroline, TV games and Snooki.


A tip of the cap goes to @mcLeod_jd, who had the only correct answer of the more than 250 guesses that poured in for #TwitterTuesday.

The question — who is Michael Bourn’s favorite actress? Answer: Sanaa Lathan.

I suppose I was in the majority in that I had never heard of Sanaa, nor had I heard of any of her movies, even after Bourn rattled them off. But that’s what I liked about this question — it had a stronger degree of difficulty than the previous two weeks, which kept the contest going for more than four or five minutes.

As a reminder, we ask a Google-free question on Twitter every Tuesday at noon CT sharp. The first to tweet the correct answer to me wins two free tickets to any game this season, with the exception of Opening Day, the Red Sox series in July and the last homestand in September.

The incorrect guesses are often more entertaining than the actual answer. For example, along with about 175 guesses that Halle Berry is Bourn’s favorite actress, I received two votes for Debra Winger and one each for Snooki, Betty White and Rudy from the Cosby Show.

A few news and notes from a relatively quiet day at the Kissimmee Complex:

* Jason Castro began physical therapy in Houston on Monday at the Methodist Rehabilitation Center. After undergoing knee surgery to repair a torn ACL and meniscus, Castro is effectively out for the year, with a small chance of a September return.

* FS Houston will air two Astros games: March 18 at the Marlins, and March 19 vs. the Cardinals. Additionally, four games will be on MLB Network: tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Mets, March 15 at Baltimore, March 27 vs. Detroit and March 30 vs. the Red Sox (at Minute Maid Park).

* Clint Barmes will be Milo Hamilton’s guest on Astroline Wednesday at the ESPN Club on the Boardwalk at Disney. The show starts at 8 ET/7 CT and can be heard on 740 KTRH and Astros.com. I’ll be asking for some questions through Twitter when the show gets closer, so if you have a question for the Astros shortstop, send it my way: http://www.twitter.com/alysonfooter

* The Oklahoma City RedHawks have announced that tickets for the March 29 exhibition game against the Astros will go on sale to the general public beginning at 9 a.m. on Tuesday March 15.

Remaining availability is limited, and seats are expected to sell quickly. For the Astros-RedHawks exhibition, Club seats are $20, Field and Bleacher seats are $16, Third Base Terrace seats are $12 and Lawn seating is $10.

First pitch on March 29 is scheduled for 6:30 p.m., with gates opening at 5:00 p.m., the same time Astros batting practice is scheduled to begin. Tickets are available for purchase by phone at (405) 218-1000, online at http://www.okcredhawks.com, or by visiting the RedHawks ticket office on Mickey Mantle Drive in Bricktown.

And we end with a few early-morning batting practice images:

Enos Cabell, Carlos Lee

Hunter Pence
Brett Wallace, Matt Downs getting their bats ready for BP



My guess to win was completely random but I have watched her in nip tuck the tv series. And after you said it wasnt Halle Berry that was my next guess.

My guess to win was completely random but I have watched her in nip tuck the tv series. And after you said it wasnt Halle Berry that was my next guess.

I have to watch the MLB Network games on MLB.TV, and I was wondering what effect the “tape delay” in parenthesis would have on the time of broadcast. It doesn’t specify, so I wasn’t sure whether to expect to see the game tomorrow @ 12:10. Thanks!

Other than the first AvP movie and a recurring role in Nip/Tuck season 4, I don’t know anything else Sanaa Lathan has been in. IMDB solves, and the other movies shes been in that I’ve heard of were Blade, a Denzel movie, and some random TV shows.

Interesting to see Enos Cabell in a uniform. Does he have a position with the organization? I went to school with his son and had a chance to meet him. Nice guy.

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