Astros and Red Sox lineups posted. It’s a beautiful day at Minute Maid Park.

Checking in from our new press box digs on the broadcast level…great view, perfect weather and the scoreboard looks fantastic.

Astros lineup:






Man, I can’t wait to get there & bask in the Texas heat! It snowed today in Indiana!! *GAG*

Alyson, Thanks for posting the pics… the new scoreboard looks awesome… Now let’s get to work this weekend and have a GREAT season!

Is there a reason CJ is batting 8th? I’ve noticed Millsie continuously batting him 6th & 7th. And now 8th? I know he’s prob due for a regression this year, especially based on high BABIP last year. But that low? Are they just worried about his high strikeout #s or is there another reason?

Two best Houston-area baseball products of the past decade on the field tonite, Crawford and Beckett.
Matt Albers falls under “others receiving votes..”

Johnson batting eight come on Coach!

Wow!!! That new score board is AWESOME! Love the pics Alyson. And love the posts. Keep ’em coming. Can’t wait til April 8!!

why is Boston using a DH?

begin!! Thank you Lord for BASEBALL!!!! Becky:)🙂

Well the Astros have a DH as well. Check out the line up the Red Sock game. Go Astros.

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