More images of the new video board, press box and batting practice at MMP

I’ve been working at this ballpark for going on 12 years, so it was a little strange, and comical, as I navigated my way to the new press box on the broadcast level on Wednesday. When I got on the elevator on the second level — the elevator I’d accessed dozens of times over the years — I was doing so in what is now the kitchen of the brand-new Insperity club (formerly the original press box).

(I also turned left a couple of times when I needed to turn right, but those who know me well understand that’s just a standard way of life for me and has very little to do with my new, unfamiliar surroundings.)

Fortunately, the vantage point in the new press box is great — and, in my opinion, better than the old one, because I can now see straight into the Astros’ dugout. Before, the only thing we could see was the backs of the players’ heads. We also have a better view of the ballpark as a whole, which I like.

The press box is smaller than the old one, so we’re all sitting a little closer together. My seat is on the second row, next to Brian McTaggart’s. So if by mid-July you see a tweet from him that says something like “S.O.S. — she’s choking me,” you’ll know we’re starting to get on each other’s nerves.

All in all, the renovations at Minute Maid Park get two enthusiastic thumbs up, due mostly to the brand new video board. You can see for yourself in the picture below that it lives up to all of the hype your friendly neighborhood blogger has been pummeling you with since, oh, late October…

(Left field board)

Press Box

On the other side of the broadcast level is Ed Wade's booth -- that's Cheo Cruuuuz and Enos Cabell taking in the game.

The new press box was the topic of conversation among broadcasters Jim Deshaies, Greg Lucas and Bill Brown during BP

Even Hunter Pence was curious about the new digs.

Batting practice: Michael Bourn, Humberto Quintero

Angel Sanchez, Quintero

Brad Mills chats with Terry Francona and Red Sox coaches. On the left is former Astro Tim Bogar.

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Glad to see Bogar- he was one of my favorites. Looks like your view is like mine now – I am right above you on the terrace deck. It’s a GREAT angle for seeing into the dugout, yet seeing all of the field. Enjoy the new digs!

Did they remove seats to allow for the new left field scoreboard? That’s what looks like to me. Also, I am sure that board emits an enormous amount of heat so I wonder if the people who have seats next to it will complain about the heat.

So when do we get photos of the completed club area? Or is it not for the riff-raff sub-six-figures fans?🙂

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