Astros Opening Day lineup, and some notes

Happy Opening Day! Here is your Houston Astros Opening Day lineup. First pitch: 12:05 p.m. CT.




















Lee needs: 33 hits for 2000
Bourn needs: 27 SB for 200
Hall needs: 16 G for 1000
Lyon needs: 47 G for 500
Michaels needs: 58 G for 1000
Myers needs: 13 wins for 100

* Players are bracing for cold weather today, giving the Astros’ clubhouse a very burglar-like feel. So far I’ve spotted at least five players wearing protective face masks, including this Opening Day third baseman: (courtesy of @brettwallace29)


There’s a lot of hullabaloo flying around because of the less than desirable weather conditions, but every weather report I watched on the local news this morning, as well as regular visits to, indicate the rain and light snow will have moved out of the Philly area by 1 ET, which happens to be gametime.

Play ball, and, as we say in baseball, Happy New Year!


G?!? is that supposed to be 16K for 1000? If not, what’s a G?

Why is the hottest hitter from spring and one of only two lefties in the lineup batting 7th? Wallace needs to be batting 5th.

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G is simply “game.” For example, Hall needs to appear in 16 more games to have played 1,000 in his career. Can’t remember how many innings is required, I want to say 5.

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